A Letter by Sokunna

Hi N.
Call na ke oun??? I'm a year older than you are, so better call me borng thom.. Hahaha.. joking!!! Mean ah rom tha nov kmeng pel ke hao oun jeung ;)! No, problem. I can't thank you enough for allowing me to read the book (- and for free :D), so why not I spare my time giving free feedback too?!!?!!
Okay, I'm gonna summarize my notes in the answers below:

1. My feeling (very honestly):

reading, I felt so excited that you finally decided to let me read the book. hehehe.. I read most of your posts, and I greatly admire your writing talent. I was very eager to know how you form a story on your own, at this young age with so little life-experiences but full of imaginations. I was optimistic already.
Alright, let's get to the point! The only thing I knew about the book is that it's about "Vampire" as you warned me earlier that I might not interested in vampire thingy. And then I got to see the book and its title "the half-blood". The picture you use at the cover was kinda fierce and there's the word blood in the title - so I guess the story might be about an aggressive female vampire. But weirdly, you designed the title in lovely a way.

reading, hmm I like many things - the flow of the story, the way you write, the funny conservation (I like how you respond in a smart way as you usually do to me and that always make me speechless), I love how you compare the characters' feeling with an object - which is very creative and I couldn't help but burst out laughing many times (well, you really help me dealing with my stressful days *wink* and *grin*), I love how you named the characters with unpopular names, which is quite unique and sounds like french names but they're not (each name suits the characters' personalities), I also like how you include KHMER language in a modern English story - if the book becomes famous one day, you will be credited by introducing khmer language to the world although it was just a small phrase. BUT where does the story take place? I'm not sure if you mentioned in the book.

Well, I love "love comedy" genre and your story is so my type. It was rather hard for me to put off the book, you know, you're quite good at hooking the reader's attention. (I'm not saying this to make you thrill but it's true)

I think you may have explained too much how the vampire is formed, and its types and etc. As a reader, I want to know the story more than the vampire lecture. It might be better to cut the explanation shorter.
I've been experiencing some jammed words and misspellings but that was not the final version, so it's okay.

After reading - I expected more, to be frank. As I told you in my fb comment, I wish to know more how the bad guys end up. I feel like it's a rush ending. Why the good times was so short? I am not a writer myself, and I don't want to be too much of a "Kingkuork lourk thnam sreng" you know.. :) Maybe you want to keep it for the HB2, or maybe it should be like the other typical stories that I hate it when the difficult time last longer than the happy one. Anyways, you got to fool me at the beginning by the cover that I thought a horror story but it turned out so lovely.

It was a good story, very creative, educative, informative, and inspiring. I noted down some inspiring phrases, but don't worry I quoted your name there :D.

2. My favorite scenes in the story??? Oooh a lot of them. Hmm.. all the scenes with your so-called cheesy jokes. I just love reading your jokes. The scene, Vivain reveal her vampire secret to her best friends - that made me tearing with excitement. I was so touched by their solid bff spirit. The love scene, including when she teased by her bffs and shy. The scene, she sneaked out, danced with her Princip and then fought with vampires.

3. Beside the main characters, I like Cammie and Alyssa. I like the energetic Cammie even more than Alyssa. (I tell you a secret, I even resemble myself with Alyssa. LOL. Don't laugh! I just think she's kind of soft like I am, and perhaps I have Orange aura too ;))

4. I thought it was predictable but I was wrong. Well, I can predict the small parts (like princip and vivain will be in love, she will get back with her bffs) but not the main one. So, it's unpredictable. That's why it got me hooked. I couldn't wait to know what's next.

5. Indeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed! I will see how you treat the bad guys in the HB2. ;) Finger crossed na.

:D That's all.

Good day oun Nath :D

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  1. I didn't notice you cut off the last phrase. hehe.. Thanks.


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