What A Lousy Day!

You ditch school today. You can't stand with another day like this anymore... So off you go, you're out of there! You hopped on Jojo and rode away without giving a second glance. Why be bothered to stay in class while your mind isn't in you?
If you were in there, you would be in your same old moods! These are all the fun activities you do during class: Yawning, feeling half asleep, being a chatterbox, teasing with your classmates...etc. And today you have nothing to do with them any longer. Gotta be out as quick as you can [Before it's too late!]
Yesterday, the electricity went off from dusk to late at night. It was hot like hell, and it made your dad felt like kicking a mayor's butt! Anyway, you didn't mind with this kind of stuff, because it's enough for your spaceless head to keep depressing over this shit!
Until 9:50, the electricity was back in normal, you went straight to bed after a long tale of your parents'story! You mom always begins with something like "During Pol Pot regime!...."
[Shhh, you can tell what the themes of each story. She's been telling you 1000 and 1 times.]
At 10 o'clock, your bed time came, you were fast asleep, but you missed out your reading-before-bed though. Alright, it's just so yesterday! Now you have a lot to deal with your predicable life... Now musta go!
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