Who's that girl?

Here starting with one of your favorites! You're a number one fan of Hollywood stars. Just like many other teens. This is your super favorite singer-actress and songwriter!
You are insanely in love with Hilary Duff, and it makes you feel unsure if one days you will faint when you see her on stage or not! In this, she's a cover girl in Allure, a makeover magazine...[You own one of them.] But what is it like if your face is on the cover too? Who knows? Might be in a monkey magazine...[Oow! Oow! Oow!]
It makes you thinking of your far-distance bestest friend. During high school, y'all were crazy over this kind of stuff. And our dream was to be a star! But you didn't realize that we were stars already, we are stars everyday and will always be stars for the rest of our time. We play our own characters, say our own scripts and most important of all, we play about our own life! Isn't it interesting? Much much interesting...
With love,
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    Thank you for visiting my blog. my name is Kounila (kknila)


    I also like yoru blog...there's something quite unique about your blog :)...because i've never seen any clogger/blogger write that way :)...it's new


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