In Which School, Now, Raises Its Ugly Head!

"You failed English? That's EMpossible!"

Of course, you didn't flunk you English exam, even you just crammed for 10 minutes a day before. You only have this expression from M├ęta's T-shirt, which she had wore a long time ago, a printed picture of the Simpson cartoon that you always laughed at whenever you saw her in it [ kindda sweet memory, huh?] ---
A half of your classmates were in big Chaos! Most of them flunked the test and so did Ringtone [Which is worse!]. Tadpole [ referring to your freaky Prof.Ted] is in huge hatred of everybody's eyes. And well, it's suit him for flunking them! Alright, whatever...
Last morning, Ringtone wasn't cranky about the grade, she even found it amusing. You gave her a flowery notebook as a lift-up-mind gift, and she did give you back a big tight hug that you thought she was going to squeeze you up to death [Oh boo, too good to enjoy ma'am!] but it was very nice of you too, at least you did small thing of kindness for your friend!
Yesterday, you went shopping with Houy, your pretty-goody friend, she's also your English part-time classmate. You bought three books, and she bought a pair of dinky white shoe, it sounds too different between us anyway, but diversity does attract! And most of all, Houy is a very nice enough person! You really like her a lot. Okay, that's all for today.
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