One Whole Week of Posting!

In spite of the depressing and boring time in your life, you're still considered as a genius in something like this! ----
This is your paintings that you had painted a year ago [When you were a senior High School, and you best friend made her first move of town ]. You wish to have 'em framed, but your family might think that you are freak! However, M├ęta said it's artfully beautiful, she said it looks like a French painter's. And Gernot said you are a genius in art! That is a very great reward for your work.

This picture is from your imaginary world. You imagined that you painted a picture that look exactly like this! And after a while, when you got your first oil colors and drawing papers, you set to work on it immediately. It really came out the way you had in mind! Isn't it nut to dream of painting something like water worms! Okay!

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