Who the hell is she?

Your bestest and cutest doggie friend! In the age of 18th, she has won a scholarship and board at AUW. A girl whose life in cocoon is now transformed into the next beautiful butterfly! Too charming to bring everyone heads over heel in love, and very funny enough to kill all laughter. A lot of admirable personalities, which would take you a year to describe. You couldn't imagine how amazing it is to be with her! Too sad this doggie friend has gone so far [Wanna kick her butt for doing that, sometimes] You miss your best friend so much though, and you wish her all the best damn lucks.
[Second left, M├ęta and her new buddies.]

She had sent you some of cool photos from her home coming dance but with no description enclosed, [kindda jerk!].

[Far right, with her seem-to
-be-Halloween-party gals.]
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