Your Classic Bling Bling!

Your first honor role of the year! Well, maybe you are not a loser at all. Sometimes, when you look at it, you're sort of feel proud of yourself.

Here, it's a medal that you won a year ago. The day you received it, you were like a Hollywood award winning actress, [ except that you didn't look like one ]. You recalled that never in your life had a lot of cameras fired on your face like that day. But what are you supposed to do with a junk medal like this anyway? And who are you now? After all it happened, it's forgotten. You return to your old self just like a Cinderella, after the clock pokes twelve, the magic's gone [and so has the prince]. You wonder what will you become next? You are the nobody now, and who cares? You do better in school, but you're worse in everyday life. That's suck!

Anyway, it looks good on your stuffed animal rather than on you! And you like the way it does! But hey! You idiot! You have done a good job. You sould be satisfied so far! C'mon girl...
Your Classic Bling Bling! Your Classic Bling Bling! Reviewed by Sovathary Bon on Friday, June 27, 2008 Rating: 5

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