A Day O' A Week!

Friday: Ringsey and you had ice creams at the mall together after the hospital visit. But the smell of the place at the hospital made you still nausea. Not to mention all the WHITE —white uniform, white walls, white sheets. It all gave you a headache, enough to think about those weird smells.
But when Ringsey said, “Are you coming to the hospital with me after school or what?” You went with her! By the way, it was a good thing in return that she also brought "Wannabe" back after her boyfriend finished fixing up. Wannabe was infected some kind of Trojans or worms or viruses all the time, and it sure needed repairing again.
You had promised with Ringtone’s boyfriend through the phone for not being so curious and mischievous with Wannabe’s software, unless you are a high-tech nerd like him! That’s why ice cream does a good thank!
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