Saturday Morning, In Campus, Seeking For Sanity!

After a long time of vanishing, you finally found a way back here! There were many different things happened in the different days this week. Alright, you can even make up an outline if you want to be more exact...
Last Sunday just before birthday:
Your goody friend Snow White met an accident just before her 19th birthday.[Uh oh!What a bad day!] You weren't existed in that accident anyway, but if you were, you would know all the details. she called you after it happened, in which it was unexpectedly stunned and frightened for both of you! Not because it's a bad thing to hear, but it's a worry you had over someone. The point is that you wonder why would anyone on earth ever think about telling someone else while he/she is being badly hurt? She did call you just right after her motorbike wreck! She told you not to worry but you were already in big worry! How come? She got three stitches on her right leg. Gosh! That's gonna be hurt...
Two days later:
You had a small recess after your final exam at school, so you took out times to visit Houy at home and to see how she was? The three stretches were still there! She bandaged it very neatly down the right ankle [Somehow it looked kind of heroically cool to you, which was the stupidest idea you ever had!] We did everything together at her house, you helped her every time she started to walk, she told you not be bothered but you insisted! [Boo you!] But hey! That's what friends are for!
On her birthday base:
You gave Houy her birthday present, she giggled along as her hands unwrapped the gift, she looked like a kid! You, Houy and her younger sister, ate pieces of birthday cake together, which was a memorable scene, and the taste was greater than anything you've ever had in months [ Since your days weren't any good, this was the perfect dessert of the week].
The first day of your freshman year:
Very confusing! People were everywhere, around the compus, up the stairs and down the lobby. They were like you, seeking for classes, books, and professors. Because it's a new term for everyone. But at least, you were pleased that you have made your first entrance as a freshman! And you will meet a lot of challenges this year! Life is no longer a playground.
Good bye High School... and Hello College!
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