A Tale Of Two Best Friends!

In Méta's summer room! It was hot and cozy, that's why you call it so. Pictures and posters of Models and Hollywood Stars are everywhere and you both posed stupid face, even none of you were planed to but when it came out, all of you laughed like jerks.
You remember the time you were together, doing nothing but laugh. You wanna go back, and sing "Don't wanna grow up!" like you used to.
[Note: For whoever that have read this post, it's just a reposting. So don't be mislead.]
Maybe now you can talk about Méta behind her back [ Just kidding] Your best friend Méta, she’s the center of attention amount people. She’s full of fun to be around, everyone loves her sense of humor. However, it’s not the point that you both could become best friends. It takes so much to make a best friend, but for both you it took so little to make us became ones.
Of course, you gotta have a lot of similarities rather than differences. You both must understand each other so well. You and your best friend could read each other’s minds, understand each other jokes, and even finish each other’s sentences! But there's so much more than just these. ----
And too often you and Méta laughed out together without knowing a reason why [Well, just laughed whenever we felt like doing it!] You remember way back in high school that, whenever we grew bored, we made stupid faces at each other, then laughed about it ourselves. Once she used to ask like this: “Whenever we feel bored, we will laugh, so what would we do if we are happy?” Then we collapsed into laughing again.
And there was so many times when we looked at each other—just look! And all of you burst out laughing insanely. No one knew why, but we did! It’s just because of we both would be thinking of exactly the same thing and the funny feeling just came out from our within. ----
She doesn’t mind laughing at herself too. At first, you thought it was silly to make a fool of yourself. But then you understood, cause when you see people laugh about you, you feel kind of rewarded, it’s like you are the one to brighten up the whole things. And it’s really worth it! Then you don’t mind anymore to make a fool of yourself. ----
Most important of all, you both love music, same singers, books, movies, and other stuff. After knowing her, you saw things in a different sight. You began to feel like someone is always there for you for the first time. Someone who knows who you are! You guess, you are so blissful to have met this great friend, even though you don’t always show it, but that feeling alway stays inside your heart—that it can't be bought or sold, and you knew that she knew it too.
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