Up In The Hall Way.

...And you still alive. Now your brain is fried from Khmer Studies. You’re supposed to hand in “The great stone temples of Angkorians.” which is due in just one week ahead. Plus, you have to write a book report for extra credit on “The Royal House of Cambodia” by Julio A. Jeldres, this book is all about the Cambodian monarchy. Even you’re fascinated in Royal family, you have to blame yourself for choosing this book to make a report on. It’s just ever so difficult! You should have picked up something easier! Especially, something that’s written in Khmer, not English. Most of your classmates did, but you didn’t! So now, you are in deep Doo-Doo! And one more thing is you’re not writing the book report in the same English, you decided to write it into Khmer which is another way of killing yourself....Great! You need extra credit, you do extra work! And that’s fair enough.
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