Where Is Your Sanity?

Love makes the world go round? Wrong!
Loneliness does!
You do something like not going out with Snow white, but now you start to feel lonely! Guilt does too!
There you go again! Feeling absolutely depressed! While everyone is goofing around with buddies, you are sitting here with your mental depression hangs around your head!

Here's a thought! You switch role with your best friend. She's started to feel better, and you began to feel worse. In this state of mind, you decided to cut class—once again! So you've made it two in a single week! [Whoa...Good girl gone bad!].

What's happening to you these days? You're NUTS, quiet and miserable. Okay, you need a space for yourself. Therefore, just to be alone today is your first choice! You don't try to MAKE it sounds worse, but it's already the WORST! You just can't can't can't stand to have another day like that anymore. Oh, my Buddha, help!!!

Where Is Your Sanity? Where Is Your Sanity? Reviewed by Sovathary Bon on Saturday, August 23, 2008 Rating: 5

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  1. Sometimes, I felf into this feeling too. Nothing that we can do, but time. I used to read some tips of getting rid of depression and I did try, but it won't help. All I ever did is hanging myself in this state for a day or days.
    Time will let u relax. Hope u doing well.



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