Just Pick Up One If You Would Like To Be One.

After reading this, you hope some people will find who they truly are or aren't.
  1. The jock means a person who plays sport, always has self-confident, and outgoing, but who has a brain the size of peanut, often stuck on yourself.
  2. The popular means you are well-known student who lead social activities [cheerleaders, presidents, student senates].
  3. The normal means you are in the middle of the road students who make up the masses.
  4. The druggie/ tough means: adolescents who know for illicit drug use or other delinquent activities.
  5. The nobody means that adolescents who are low in social skills or intellectual abilities. [Dorks, retarded kids.etc .]
  6. The brain means you are in high roll honor, academically intelligent.
  7. The burn-out means adolescents who always get into trouble [often looks like burn-out]
  8. The skinhead or punks: adolescents who go against the norms or school rule [ often wear black make up or shave their head]
  9. The snoopy: adolescents who always tattle, but who believe in justice.
  10. The know-it-all means adolescent who think other’s ideas are rubbishes.
  11. The mouse/mice means adolescents who do something that other people avoid.
  12. The geek means: you are smart, weird, non-athletic type, but who had not entered the rank of popular or cool radar.
  13. The nerd: adolescent who is considered as studious and selfish.
  14. The bookworm means you read books after books, who are isolated and scorned, but very bright students who get A’s even without studying.

Well, you just made 'em up from Americans's concept of adolescents in high school. Personally, you think you are something in between, the bookworm, the nerd, and the nobody. A lot of personalities in you. And only with the dumbest onese. You just want to be the normal. That's enough!

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  1. Oops! I always think that I'm a nerd and geek. But now I change my mine! I'm neither of both. :D


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