A Post For Panharath! My Favorite Blogger!

Ahmmm! Step right up folk and Drum roll please....! Here they are! My precious fiction novels. I bet you know this one below! Hey, you! Yeah you... Don't look anywhere else! I'm talking to you, Panharath! Perhaps, I'm just the one that you will need to outread with! Lolz...
Lookie! I'm sure you will just die for it! Shopaholic& Baby! Can we make a business now? Of course, I will be your good book trading partner.
Wow, I accidentally post my baby girl in! Oh Panharath, you are so lucky then!* Thumb up!*
In the state of whether to post just one or two pix, I finally post 'em all! By the way, I did forget to post the back of the book which has a photo of Sophie Kinsella. She's pretty young! [ But maybe you've seen her, haven't you?] I think this one might be as hilarious as the one you have as well.
Some of the other books by Ann Brushares, Jane Green, and Sabastian Shaurt. However, my all-time favorite author is Cythia Voigt! She's a great writer, she wrote many teen books that won a lot of honor medals. I wish you could read one of her series.
My taste in books is simple, but quite different from yours. I read mostly romances, and non-fictions. Honestly, I don't read horror novels like you. Not because I'm scare, but I just feel hard to prepare myself for each spooky scene. I get a feeling that horror novels will leave me deeply in dark mood or stuff like that! I would rather watch horror movies than to read them anyway. I enjoy reading book about myths, even though both are the same unreal style.
One last word! Have you ever heard this phrase below?
"A person who doesn't read is no better off than a person who can't!"
Reading is a foundation to everything else, and it doesn't cost that much. I can't remember the time when I couldn't read! It happened way back, when I dicovered my interest in those English stuff, perhaps during tenth grade or something. My bestfriend said I am a super fastreader, because I alway outread her all! Ha Ha.
There are three people in my home who loved reading. My dad, my big bro and the last one, yeb— Me! Neither one of them encourage me to read books. But I'm just born to read anyway. Maybe it's a result of inheritance, I might carry a lot of bookworm genses with me. Ha Ha! It's been a pleasure to say all of these to you anyway. And I'm glade that some people do read.
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