In Which You Think, Your Life is Getting Worse Everyday.

You try all your might to keep your positive attitude alive, but life just won’t let you off the hook. It keeps getting down to its worse level. On the outside, you might probably get seen as cheery, humorous, and carefree. But all the way inside, your life is dump and dull, that no one ever seems to understand this. Then, you ask how can they, while you act like you are the happiest person in the world.
Your job is your big time waster. All day and everyday, you work, work, work and when you have free time, it would be 10:00, 11:00 or 12:00 pm for ticking away with those stupid papers that due, and you have mountain of it to be done, which is pretty miserable. You wonder does anyone try this hard like you. Of course yes! But it’s just that, in the same nineteen years of age, you do the hardest! And it seems like it never ends…
You have three dump classes this term.Your Khmer Studies class is great sometime, and horrible the next. Your Intro Computing class is okay! Now and then, you get your laugh with it, but it’s somehow a little hard to understand about the OS, BIOS, CIMOS, and you name it!
Your English Composition class is super boring! Maybe, it’s the only class that you would appreciate to skip the most. You pretend to listen, but your mind is elsewhere.
Prof. Houlley might have noticed that, and he just keeps calling on you to stuff. Sometime, you just say " I don't know, sir" for the question you do know! It doesn't make sense to you and that's all. And you don’t expect to get all A for this term.
Okay great, go ahead! Do your worst. You don’t CARE anymore!
In Which You Think, Your Life is Getting Worse Everyday. In Which You Think, Your Life is Getting Worse Everyday. Reviewed by Sovathary Bon on Thursday, September 04, 2008 Rating: 5

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