In Which You Almost Forget That You Still Have Anger!

You wouldn’t have thought of this! But it’s the first time that you were in a fight. Well, being in a fight is one thing, but being in a fight with an American jerk, that’s another story! Yesterday morning, after you have finished working on a project at campus, there was this stupid thing happened. Here how the story goes:
When you drove pass Lucky’s, you suddenly realized that you had shopping to do. So you pulled over. You parked. And you were about to walk inside, but there was a high-nose American guy wearing Motörhead T-shirt, he shouted at the parking controller in front of you. Because he saw [and so did you] the parking controller was trying to push another bike into line, which unintentionally made its handle rubbed a little bit on his precious Harley Davidson.
That American guy yelled at him: “What the f... are you doing?” That poor parking controller didn’t understand it. But those words quickly set you on fire, because you did! It’s so mean—the way he insulted others, and so did the word itself. How could you ignore it. You’re not deaf! And you cannot stand when a foreigner treats Cambodians so rude that way, especially when he thinks we don’t understand anything. All of a sudden, you found yourself jumped into the case—­ with all your courage.
You spoke up: “Hey guy! He’s just trying to put the bike in!” That mean guy realized that you understood his cuss language. He turned to yell at you: “WELL, HE WAS TRYING TO PUT THE BIKE IN, BUT HE HIT MY BIKE! AND IT’S F…ING SCRATCHED!”
You practically dumbfounded by this guy's ill-manner. And you said the thing you can: “However, you should be polite!” Needless to say, your words sounded so dorky, and sure enough, that mad moose thundered back: “WHAT!? WHY SHOULD I BE F…ING POLITE?! MY BIKE HAS A SCRATCH ON! AND WHO’S GONNA ANSWER TO THIS?”
You raised your voice:
“BUT IT’S NOT DEMAGED YET!” “SURE IT IS!” As he roared at your head, his dumb girlfriend joined him by poking at their holy bike to prove you. It seemed ridiculous, because it’s just a very tiny scratch that they couldn't even see it themselves. That crazy jerk kept going on and on. And you lost your cool, that’s not worth telling a guy like this about morality. It did it! You yelled back: “SO WHAT!”
If it wasn’t the parking controller who broke you off, you could have done with: “It’s just a dumb bike or something!” But the poor parking controller didn’t want any troubles around there. So you agreed to leave even your eyes still burned to that idiot. In front of the supermarket, you saw all eyes were on you, that mad moose still mumbled something with a bunch of f-words. And as you buzzed off, that idiot shouted behind your back: “F…YOU!”
It did ignite the mind. You looked over your shoulder.You snapped the only thing you could think of [From a movie]: “GO TO HELL!”
The war was up! You were already inside the market. Except that after-taste feeling was worse, and you haven’t done your saying at all! [Wanna kick a parking controller for that too] If you could backward to that time again, you would grab a bottle of your juice drink and hit that mad moose over the head, then let him see stars!...
Later in the afternoon, Ringsey called you, and you told her all about it. She said you’re so darn brave, and that you were right to do just so! She was like: “That’s good! Don’t let those stupid foreigners treat Khmer like trash! Anyway, why didn’t you give Ah-trov krourp neng a f…you sign?” And you joked with her, you said that “Yes! That’s my biggest regret in life!” And you both burst out laughing! You told Méta about it anyway. ***
After all that happened, you’re amazed at how you got yourself into stuff like that. You risked your life out of your goodness to protect someone else’s equality. And with that American idiot, who’s looked seven feet tall, might probably squeeze you up just one hand, and throw you out of the planet Earth like in the 3D movie. Then you might see your life pass before your eyes, coz there was no one backed you up to save your skin at that time. Well, there’s still no price to this, but for the sake of justice, you have to do THE RIGHT THING!
So off you went, if you haven’t put your foot down that time, it will happen to somebody else the next. At least that American idiot got your message that this is Cambodia and he’s not allowed to yell at everyone all his might in HERE!
In Which You Almost Forget That You Still Have Anger! In Which You Almost Forget That You Still Have Anger! Reviewed by Sovathary Bon on Monday, September 15, 2008 Rating: 5

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  1. Oh what the heck is that American jerk! But Wow, you’re so brave!
    If I was in that situation, I would say “It’s just a shit of yours! How much it cost?? I will buy your rubbish shit and throw it in the garbage! You are such a prick!”… [In case I was a rich girl! Hahahahaha]

    Yeah, yeah, you should give that dumb ass a FU sign while you’re saying “Go to hell!”

    But sometimes we don’t need to have a lot of words to someone who speaks animal language. No doubt, they won’t get our human language.
    Yo! You did an awesome job! [Thumb up]


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