Note To Yourself. Don’t Ever Be A Bookworm!

I might have made my blog became cooler! It is because I have more personal moment to do something that I wanted to do for so long [And which almost took me —a life time].
These are some of my children books. But don’t underestimate them, children books are way smart-written than you thought they are. Let's take a look at some part of these stories below. Major fun-reading!

I remember once, when Richie, my Australia-born cousin, he used to talk about his anti-reading attitude: "Reading makes me stressed out! And I won't get anywhere near those books! Never ever!". And I said: "What? But it’s better than watching TV, and playing video games!" He made face. And no wonder! Richie toned me out as if I had said some nerdy stuff to a hunky dude like him. Well well well! Sometimes, guys don't just get it! Whatever, who cares?

Anyway, it’s true! It’s not like I am a nerd or something. For me, reading is the way to escape! You read about someone else's story, so you don't need to think about your own surrounding. Not that you are being good, but it's better not to waste your time on some stupid things. Also, it does not mean good girls have to be home all the time, and knit! Right?

The best thing is I still have a pair of keen eyes and don’t need to wear glasses in this age! Lol...Anyway, I did read about a Mexican-American boy. It was so hilarious. Here is a short sample of the story!

There's a boy name Victor, who secretly likes a girl in his first French class. Victor wanted to impress her, so when the teacher asked if anyone knew French, Victor raised his hand. Then he suddenly realized that he was just making a fool of himself.
The teacher said: "Très bien. Parlez-vous français?" Victor tried to bluff his way out by making noises that sounded French. Victor: "La me vavee me con le grandma!" The teacher was puzzled and asked him to say it again. Victor: " Frenchie oh weewee gee in September!"
The teacher eventually discovered that Victor doesn't understand French, and he was back to his lesson. Victor felt such a fool. But Teresa the girl he likes thought it was cute! And what happens next to the story? Not telling ya!

By the way, who can tell what it means: "La vida es un ratico" ? I asked Méta to translate it too, but she replied : "What the heck is that? Anyway, "La vie est une radical" means life's a radical. La vida's Spanish! You idiot!"
Great! That's what best friends are for! PS: My tower of books is right here waiting for you-know-who!

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