Food Art Show!

Tis morning. You felt like you could eat a whole elephant! Luckily, you found a few things in the fridge. You found some leftovers, a few muffins and doughnuts. Totally junk food! But you didn't care as long as it tasted so great. Now with a happy stomach, you set off for some writing!
Now you have managed to upload some pix of the great Food Art Show! It was held on 11th, which you forgot to say in the previous post! But it doesn't matter. Here they are fresh and clear! Only we couldn't eat through these pictures!
... You swear! The foods tasted truly as good as the way they looked.
The happiest thing on earth is when we can eat freely!!!

Anyway, it's just one corner of the Food Art Show! There were still more of yummy and yucky stuff out there to enjoy!

Look at those funny names!

There are two days away for your new classes to start. Farewell ten-day vocation! It's been such a real relaxing. For the last whole week, you...the lazy! Never did anything! Your room is now a disaster! There's a pile of books and papers all over the desktop! Well, you guess, you better roll up your sleeve this afternoon, otherwise, you might be in the basket case yourself!
Guess what! Since you've had enough problems with this blog and that you were about to abandon it, your blog starts to work properly! Thanks kindness, it's only a wishful thinking! You might miss a lot of writings in here.
Even, the blog isn't 100% back in normal, but let's hope that it will be sooner or later! Anyway, you're still not being able to upload any images through Wannabe [Too bad!].
Oh whatever! At most, you just have to dump it, that's all!
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  1. Haha how could they come up with these funny names?

  2. Heheh! Because they major in cooking na!


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