Good News!

The good news just keep popping up insanely. First news is a personal good news, but I have made up my mind to tell Panharath in the first place. I received my lost-wallet yesterday! Unbelievable, right? Everything is under control now, I don't need to redo my important documents anymore. And my goodness, if I didn't receive it on time, I would have to make up for a new ID card and a driver's license, which is such a big waste!
It would cost not only your time and money to redo those stupid things, but all the complicated authorizations to get through as well. Thank heaven, there are good people still exist in this world. A girl who found my wallet didn't even need my thank, and she was just up and gone with the wind. I somehow had to phone her immediately and thank her a million times. And you know what? She denied the reward too.
Whoa, it's so honest, I'm darn lucky and grateful to see someone that good. Believe me, keep doing good deeds, you will happen to meet all the good people [ Mom always keeps telling me that, and she herself strongly believes in it].
The second news is more like a surprise! On December 30th, my university will welcome to the international students to study with us for two weeks. They come from United States, and these American students will exchange their experience and culture during the visit in Cambodia.
Well, I'm in a group of 12 volunteers Vs. a group of 14 Americans, then all of us will do the community service. The best news of all, is I don't have to do mid-term papers, or any quizzes for our Environmental Science [Coz we volunteer to do community service instead of doing those head-breaking tests!]. La La La La!!!
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  1. I think Ive already commented on this post but why it showed nothing like this?. whatever. It's quite unbelievable. If I were you I must shake my head several times. Wow... I don't know what to say but yeah it's sth about keep doing good deeds, you will get it in return. So you're gonnna be busy for a while when they those internationa students come to study with you hay rite? Good Good... Good NEWS!

  2. See! You've got it back. It's even end up with a happy ending.

    About the American thing, trust me, people are the same everywhere. Not because they are american, they are cool. In fact, most of them suck.


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