How Does It Feel To Be A Jewish?

Yes, that's my hero, Anne Frank. I had read her diary in Khmer, it was translated into more than thirty languages world wide. And now I got her in English, which I review sometimes. I want to keep it as long as I could hand down to my younger generation, or I may donate it to the library [Nah...Only it's the last thing in mind!] It was too difficult to get this book. My friend had to send it from US.
[Whow! Look so rock with the book!]
Alright, now to answer the question " How does it feel to be a Jewish?"— Indeed, it does feel like a human being, and that's that! What else would we feel when we were all born human anyway?
Everyone is born free and deserve equal in dignity and rights. Not base on Aryans or Non-Aryans, black or white. You know it's hard to be discriminated. And if those people who discriminate others walk in that person's shoes, they'll see how does it feel.
They can shut your mouth, but not your soul! Say it one way or the other, we shall live!
3rd May 1944 " I've made up my mind to lead a different life from other girls. What I'm experiencing here is a good beginning to an interesting life and that's the reason, the only reason, why I have to laugh at the humorous side of the most dangerous moment." ~ Anne Frank.
This is a remarkable book. Written by a young girl and this young girl was not afraid of telling the truth. Anne Frank once wished: "I want to go on living even after my death." Now her wish has come true. Even she lived a short life, but in fact, she lives with me and with everyone, she lives forever in people's heart. Because of her thoughts , she shall live.
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  1. omg! this girl wore sunglasses at night time. lolzz

  2. Hehehe It's what make me unique! Don ya think?

  3. You're right. The book is pretty remarkable. When you read the book, you read her mind, and when you read her mind, you read yours.


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