This Post Is Dedicated To Wannabe!

I don't know exactly why I named you Wannabe! Maybe you somehow express the way I feel. Coz I'm always a Wannabe sort of person myself. People might think I'm such a weirdo or too imaginative to name all you guys like that! Wannabe, Jojo, and Pettule [My diary] But don't they think it's fun to just giveaway names! The same way we give a name to a newborn puppy [Bet! I'm good at it]. However, it's not always necessary to do so, though.
~ My pro snapshot of Wannabe look mishaped but cool!~
It feels like Wannabe isn't just my laptop, but my beloved Wannabe. Also, it makes me think that Wannabe is not just a non-living thing, [Just so you know, I have to be more careful with him] Lolzz.
By the way, I am thinking about naming my cell phone as Eric too [From his original name Sony Ericsson, of course] Ha ha. Freaky chick!
This Post Is Dedicated To Wannabe! This Post Is Dedicated To Wannabe! Reviewed by Sovathary Bon on Friday, December 19, 2008 Rating: 5


  1. Haha Same here. My ole died one also SE and I called it Z-B(Z-blue) or Ericssie. And my HP is Tydo. I couldn't come up with good name rite? lolz

  2. No, they have pretty names. Names are feminine and masculine depend on its type. Ericssie sound like girl, and Tydo is boy, right? Hehehe good balance of gender! Btw, my Eric is a masculine name, even its a girl type. Lolzz..


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