Wordless To Say. Financial Crisis? No! Life Crisis!

Is my life under the curse or something? I'm so amazed at how I always come across one trouble after another. It happens so fast that I almost start to believe that I am cursed by a voodoo somewhere. No, it's not a voodoo, it's me! I did it to me. If I hadn't carried it around, it wouldn't have lost.
Okay, I have lost my wallet at school. Besides of my money, it also contains some of my important possessions such as: my Cambodian Identification Card, my credit card, and my driver's license. Gag!!!
I couldn't do anything but blaming myself for my own stupidity! How could I be so dump not to keep those stuff at home where it's safe! I already made an announcement, and it doesn't seem to work out anyway. Money isn't important, all I need is my ID card and a driver's license and I hope like crazy to get them back.
Oh guess what? I just prayed for all the gods I know, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammad, to help bringing it back by someone or else way. It's ridiculous I admit, but if thing like that happens, nobody can keep their mind still...!!! My god! What should I do?
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  1. I'm pretty sure I restlessly can't sleep or eat if things like that happened to me. Ive never had experience of losing my purse, but hearing that you lost yours, I bear in mind that I'm gonna be more careful. Gods will help u dear. Let me know when you find it back. ok?? @_@

  2. That's not a stupid thing to bring something important with you. That's just because you're worried it'd loose if it's in your home.

    My Teacher, once, used to carry our grades around and then there was a man grabbed her bag, guess what? She called in her phone which was in her bag to beg the thief to give back the grade and guess what again? He gave it back by putting somewhere after an hour of conversation on the phone.

    That was a stupid thing, but it happens all the time. It was just a bad day after all.

  3. It's Me. Meta.
    It's not my personal user. It's my class user, so do not e-mail to this mail.


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