Anywhere But Here! Happy New You.

This is not a bad idea to take the pictures of your garden, even some were taken at the night time. You have to admit that Panharath has a beautiful one of her own. --- You only want to cherish the last night of 2008. And what you could do, is to keep a picture of it. The last night. That's all. When the clock chimed 12, you just realized you had spent another 365 days without even notice it. Anyway, the coolness of the night air felt great. The quietness did too. And after you woke up the next morning, it's 2009! And you feel the same...(",)
Just one glance at the night view from the front porch in 31st of December, 2008. Didn't countdown, just watched it slipped away...


The pool is where you dip your feet into whenever it's fulfilled with rainwater. Regardless of those goldfish to chew your toes, coz they're such good friends. They won't bit the hand that feed them, hehehe! Anyway, your toes don't look like it tastes any good, they guess!
The front yard pool, which is home to many gold fishes, and your chore is to give them breakfast!


This one is unknown to you, though in Khmer language. Maybe it's a sibling to banana flower, but it's sure a wild one. And guess what? It never dies out, even without watering for weeks. Strong determined to be alive! Impressive?
Don't know what does it call in English te na...


Mom bought new pots for these ones last week. So now they're happily sitting in their new potty!!! Good girls get new reward, that's fair enough!
Some born wild, some born not. But all are beautiful...


You: "Hey beautiful! Talk to be me, will you?" But the Orchid replies: "No, I'm busy!"

You ask: "Doing what?" She says: " Beautify myself! I'm the most prettiest and loveliest of all." You: "Well, don't let your queen hears this!" She asks: "The queen?" You: "Out there near the bench! The roses!" She says: "So I'm not beautiful enough as roses?"

You reply: "No! You are, but being beautiful isn't a license to be mean. Be nice!" She asks:" So if I'm being nice, I will be as beautiful as the queen?"

You reply: "Much Better than the queen!"

Mom and Dad loved the cake that you bought last night. It wasn't a big pretty-yummy-looking cake. But it was a good cake! Just good and that's enough. Soon it will be 2010, 2020, 2030 and the list will be going on and on. [Oldness counts too!] But seize your days and make your life extraordinary! This could be the start of something big. ----
By the way, what is your resolution for this new year? Okay, your resolution might be to get a boyfriend before Valentine's day [Just kidding!]. You don't think about it yet. Maybe it will come with the time line story that you have promised to share with Panharath. So Be Alerted You Guys...
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  1. This girl could speak with the flowers?? lolzzz Amazing! Hehe I love your pool. Sa-art!! Btw, you got a nice garden. :D

    Don't let me know where your house is, otherwise, I will go to steal your flowers! weehee. "D

    Well, I wish you can get a bf before V'day!!! lolzzz.

  2. They have feeling just like us. I don't lie! hehehe.
    My house is in outskirt of city. I think it's quite hard if u want to find. But What a plan! Steal my flowers? Better come and have some drink!

  3. I should believe then. "D
    Not only drink but snack also! can? hehehhe "D


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