At Lunch Where We'll Never Forget!

At one o'clock, Enrique came to get us at the campus, while the other guys were waiting at their hotel. He was very punctual anyway. One o'clock sharp! He showed up. But most of our Cambodian girls were late, except me. After waiting for a while, we finally got going. I supposed we could walk, since I love walking, and also because the restaurant is just within walking distance from school. But my friends Linda and Radita brought cars. So no strolling! ---
Nothing much. We just had lunch together after class. We suggested to have lunch instead of dinner, because some of us could not make it at night time. Anyway, we only wanted to have our togetherness before our American friends got packed away back home.
I didn't know whether it was because of the meals were the best, or I was overcame with great delight myself. In my mind, that was the greatest lunch I've had. That's something we should remember about when they were here. And Now, with all my snapshots that you can see:
*Together We Laughed!*
Just from the look at it, you couldn't tell that Patricia and Tracy have known each other for a few weeks, of course, during their stay in Cambodia! These two girls, reminded me so much of my old days with M├ęta. I hope they would stay like that or be each other best friends too.
*They showed pictures to each other*
She just wanted to give two thumb-ups! But no extra hand! *Couple-To-Be* [Linda&Visith] *This couple have been together for one hundred years!*
Look at the picture below, I love this twosome best. Eriko is Japanese, and she has real attitude. I love it when she said something to Enrique like "Girls are strong!" just so, I like this girl ever since. It really shows a lot about who she is. Enrique is very lucky to have found her [and I told him so!]. By the way, I guess, I should call them double E couple. Because they share the same letter E in their name, and also it sounds closely similar, which is so cute.
*The cutest couple of all* [Eriko and Enrique]
Guys! Listen up, I'm your boss! When I say "Eat, then eat! Okay?"
Girls! I told you ready that *No cheeses are served in here!*
I sit at the far end of the table with Tracy. I wish Patricia could be around too, so we could have more fun. I didn't care about my teammates at all, because Visith was in love, and still is. Enrique was glued to his girlfriend all the time. So I had enough reasons to be with Tracy and her teammates. Mostly I took pictures, then soon I made Tracy and everyone cracked up during lunch. They laughed at most of the things I said, but I didn't remember much, and other ones else who couldn't hear it just looked at us and wondered what was so funny over there.
In my broken English, I had no idea how did I make Tracy laughed, but she actually got my jokes. And I felt appreciated. Also, it appears to me that I always enjoy myself more, especially with people who appreciate me. Just appreciate me...
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  1. If I'm not mistaken, by the look in your picture, it was at Khmer Sorin, right? I can feel that you really love them all.

    I'm waiting to see anytime. Let me know when you are free na? :D Me ot free ta jong kher te, cuz dach kher dach kjol! lolzzzzz

  2. Yeah, I love them, they're great people. That's why they came to work with kids. Even though, they had to pay for everything by themselves. That's a very admirable thing!

  3. Of course, I will say what you want me to say when we meet. So when we're together, I'll say that I appreciate me.


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