Bonus Feather!

I did capture a video clip of Tracy while we were having lunch. [Sorry to Tracy, I didn't ask for your authority to post this, I hope you don't mind]. My friends said Tracy and I could be sisters, because we both like eating rice with soy sauce all over. Is it reasonable?
When we finished our lunch, we kissed Tracy on both cheeks together! And she laughed heartedly at that! That was my favorite part of the day, I wanted to be in Tracy's shoes, to see how did it feel when your both cheeks were being kissed too. ----
We left the resto, I was walking behind them. We stepped down the stairs, but my friend still clung to her very cozily, and I couldn't take that because of...[Jealousy].
I yelled out: "Oh, come ON! I'm
sick of it!!!" Tracy giggled. And I ran to catch them up, then printed a big smooch on Tracy's cheek. We stood there for a moment because Tracy laughed a I-couldn't-believe-you-guys-are-just-like-that laugh, and that she couldn't get herself moving! We did too.
Finally, the three of us held each other's shoulders and walked out to the driveway ...grinning.
That was my other favorite part of the day.
--- Jorb!
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  1. lolz Gosh, I love eating rice with soy sauce too. Not only rice, but also with Porridge and Khmer Noodle.

    I must like you being yourself. Talk as much as you want and do whatever you want to, because I'm not a person who mind about everything. teehee We are not on romantic date man! lolz kidding!

    Don't be disappointed to see me too. :D I'll let you know when I'm a little bit free, cuz you know nowadays I'm getting crazy with doing some researches. -Sigh-

    Hope you enjoy your weekend!

  2. Oh, thank you for taking time to read this, when you're so busy with your work. Hey, u like eating like that too? Teehee! We could be sisters then!

    But, my mom always blames me for eating too much sodium, which spoil our health. Still, I can't give this!

  3. PS: Yeah, we sure did! And I still remember that time.


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