Our Journey To Great Joy!

It's hard to describe all about what went on for this whole busy-go-crazy day. We started our group project with the Girls Guide Association of Cambodia last week. And before we reached there, a silly camera girl still got a nerve to shot some pictures!
Anyway, without your logical or navigation skill, they couldn't have found the place or even knew where they were heading [How pathetic was that!]. Luckily, you brought along your secret weapon ... a good old map! It was a true lifesaver. But only you know how to read it. Though, it wasn't out of reach for them to use map in their own city, was it, guys?
Hey, bro! Smile... Too late! You missed it. <== ----
You: "Can you just shake off that Japanese-finger-peace sign?" Bong Phar: "No! It matches my Korean hairdo" You: "It looks like a hair-don't to me!" Bong Phar: "@%#&%@#%&@#$**!!!" Next One....
<== Bong Pha: "I don't want to say Cheese!"You: "Neither do I, but I said pumpkin!" Vattey: "Ouch!!! A bug gets into my eyes."
----- We drove like that for a while until we finally got there, after that we had to wait for the kids to get together and prepared the seats and study material for them. The place was located in outskirt area, so we didn't have any proper classroom or tables, that's why we used plastic tent for them to sit instead. And since you like picturing stuff, they gave you a job to be a documentalist. [You'll bring the pictures of those kids next time].
---- Then, we started to teach according to our lesson plan. They were all girls, and very lovely. They also taught us to sing and dance some of girl scout's songs. We did it together with incredible joy. It was pretty fun to be there with those children. And you're already waiting forward to see them again this Sunday.
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  1. Hahaha I found another cam-whoring freak like me hay!!! Yo!

    Btw, what project you was on?

  2. Cam-whoring freak too? Oh, yeah I forgot that! We have a lot in common again, mate! Well, Our project is to teach those underprivileged children, who live in outskirt area as well as urbane. we teach them from A-Z! You know like everything from morality to storytelling..etc. English lessons also included. And we try to make them happy as possible as we can, but they also can make you laugh hysterically.. And As I said it again and again, I naturally love kids, they're so cute and fun to be with and We had a lot of great time. together.

  3. That's great! is your project in school or you and your group come up with? I love kid too started from small babies. I do love this small creature.

  4. It's for the school requirement as well as for our own good! But most of my team mates just want it to finish on time. Anyway, I like doing community service longer with many NGOs, even it needs a lot of hard work. I've never thought that I'm into social working that much, but it makes a lot of sense to me.

  5. Ah then you are gonna be a social worker then. That's pretty great! My dream job was a nurse and working with NGOs like Friends and Krusa Tmei, but since I can't control myself with the bad smell, I don't suite with those kind of jobs. So bad,.

  6. Not so bad! Who wants to deal with sickening smell anyway? It's just typical for you and me. However, we don't need to get into stuff like that all time. I would like to have independent work, something that I can do all by myself and do it well... btw, I'm not that socialized as you think.

  7. Lolz Yeah Nobody wants to deal with the sickening smell! But when I happen to smell sth bad, I puke up without any intention. It's like morningsickess which happen with pregnancy u know. That's so bad about me.

    You are not socialized? but might be better than me. -Wink-


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