Time To Say Good Bye!

Here a start. We had our normal morning classes. And after the first period was over, we were supposed to go to the second class in Cultural Anthropology. But I didn't. Because I and some of my friends wanted to go to Phnom Penh International Airport to see our good new friends before it's time for their departure. And we took the school bus with our organizer Mardi. Then off we went! The final day, I still didn't get over my clicking habit. Yep...Crazy in photography!
Here is Amy. Siayaka, and Tracy.
Raina and Linda They hugged and said good bye. They gave each other numbers.
They promised to keep in touch. [Or lose touch forever!] Lolzz...Just kidding!
They washed their hands.
Here is Patricia. Mirror reflection style. Even the camera flash made my head looked like a light bulb, but I really love this one. Lolzz... I hope I could take picture like a pro someday! Hopefully...
They burst into tears when it's time to say farewell.
Guess who cried at that time? One of my friends who always fought with me and Patricia. Tracy almost did, but she could handle it just fine. Patricia didn't seem like a person who would cry, but she did. How much I wish I was not too strong to shed my tears over someone. I really wanted to let my emotion flow just like them. Like Patricia, she shows that she can laugh, and she can cry. So normal. That's what it called a real person. [Oh, so I'm not real?]
They took picture with their classmate too.
They looked so close even just a few times of conversation.
Boy, I like this girl!
Now, what else do I have to say? Nothing more. 21st of January, that day marked the end of our journey together. Now, their story ends here. they're all gone toward their home, their family and their life. And I toward mind. My simple yet crazy sort of life.
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  1. Oooh your face too flashy-shiny nor? lolzz I meant the one you took in front of the mirror.

  2. Wait, why did u delete your comment in mine huh?

    Happy Birthday To You!
    Hope your day is million laugh! and may your candle stay lit all year long! Hold your smile for one year older, yet one year wiser! cou cou!

  3. That what made the picture stand out! Don't u see it..
    Thank my dear friend. I love ur wishes. It made me smile so wide. I guess we should meet up in our birth month next year.hehehe...

  4. No, I hope to celebrate it instead! :D

  5. Oh btw, did you enjoy your birthday?

  6. So u don't want to meet me next year? U can always have a celebration, right?


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