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Valentine's Day was so over! No more roses. Enough to even think about it! Now, I have something dreadful called Finals at the University, and they will raise their ugly head next week. But, just one good post for today doesn't hurt my grade. [Or it does?] Fine! I welcome for whatsoever might come along. Better or worse. No biggie! After blogging this post out, I'll be off to write my PS paper, review my CA for final exam, prepare for ES presentation, and finish two final essays for EC. And then I'll drop dead!!!

Alright, it's not about time to begin my reading season yet. But here I have things to share with you. At the corner of my [princess-size] bed there's a petite library. I store a favorite load of books right next to the header and the light. So whenever I'm done with work, I'll just browse through them and snatch one to read until I drop off zzZZ....Lol Bedtime reading is my darling hobby. But reading academic book like Politics could easily put me to sleep like a tree log. [Guys, it's another good solution for insomnia]. Well, that kind of book doesn't count as my pet! Okay?

There we go, what I wanted to show you for a long time. Do you remember this? Does it bring back your old memory? Britney Spears' Heart to Heart book By Britney and Lynne Spears. You better have one if you're a true fan.

Here is one of my beloved motivation from Britney in her book, it might help whoever wants to be the girl next door and make their dream comes true:...
"An interviewer once asked me what I thought was the key to success. I think, it takes three very important things: (1). talent, (2). a belief in yourself, and (3). someone who believes in you."
I think, while some people turn their back at her, I come even closer to her. I did read all about what went wrong with Britney, like she gained unhealthy weight, shaved her head, drank 2,000 calories coffee twice a day, got a therapist...blah blah blah... Her self-destructive habit really frightened those who adore her, and others called her psycho. But doesn't anyone know that not everyone could survive this state like Britney could. It shows the bravery within, when you can stand up against the worst enemy of all. Who?...Yourself! And I dare to call it "Courage". What else could we possibly call it then? She has a courage to take her life back to shape. She has a courage to live and let us love her again. It's nice to see her smile anyhow.
Now a pink-wigged Britney is out! And a healthy-looking Britney is in. Of course, she might fail again, but love her or hate her, we don't have to judge her. And I don't have a grip to do that too. Food for thought, nobody is perfect. And we're only here to give unconditional support to whom we do not know but love the most.
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  1. Yeh, no more roses, but dead roses or dried roses?

    Well, I do like this post and I used to post about Britney too. I like her old self, everything about her in past. But then, just like other people, I lost interest in her, honestly, I even disliked her. But it’s not that so much hate, I don’t know her in person, so why do I need to hate her all my heels up to head? I actually hate the causes of making her lost her own dignity and wondered if she could back to who she used to be. And you are right that we don’t have to judge her and we don’t need too.

    I know some people who used to be very good persons, but due to some inevitable circumstances, they changed. But it doesn’t mean they changed their true self deep inside, just the surface of them and some of their mindset. They just wanna be free, to release themselves from much deals of burdens. Over times, they could be free from their disasters, they started looking for who they was and back on the right track. Do we have to put the blame on them because of the circumstances they've been into?

    Back to Britney, we’ll see whom she is gonna be!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing you valuable thought along the way. I was hopping that you would like this post. Yes, I did read your post about Britney once. And my best friend was a huge fan of her too, so it's kind of inspiring that made me wrote about her this time.

    Of course, everyone has problem big and small. You and I do. Only we don't express it, and that's what secrets are for. But, some people don't.

    Anyway, a goody Britney is now just a myth. No longer exist, but that doesn't matter, we have our own life to look after, and it's more than enough!


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