Did You Enjoy Your Birthday?

Panharath asked me, "Did you enjoy your birthday?" I suppose, I did! Oh well, kindda. If you knew all the fact. ---- After you read this, I think you would wish not to have your birthday buzz off like mine! Why? Because I'm positive that nobody wants their birthday goes down the drain as any ordinary days like that. It imprinted the day we came to this world. So it has to be extraordinary! Right?
Now, let see, what is like to have a birthday without birthday cake, lot of birthday gifts or cards, not even a birthday song? I bet, everyone would cry their eyes out and feel all the self-pity. But not me! I could have felt sorry for myself and sulked away about my misfortune. Okay, I didn't.
Because when I look at the bright side, having birthday celebration or not, it doesn't make a difference. And as long as I am alive, I could enjoy every ordinary days just like this special one. ---
What did I get in my birthday?:
  • I had a presentation. And it was great!
  • I did receive an e-mail birthday wish from a spam! Yeah, you read it right! A spam.
  • I also got a best wish from Panharath. It was my luck that she checked her e-mail.
  • M├ęta sent me something that I still don't have time to download yet.
  • Another one is a box full of chocolates from Snow white. She still took time to meet me, even though she had to rush back to work.And she was the only person who pronounced "Happy Birthday to You" in real voice.
  • And my dad gave me five bucks as a birthday gift! Can you believe that? Five bucks for the birthday of his only daughter? C'mon Dad! Have a heart! I did argue over this unreasonable present, but he still didn't take a hint...[But thanks a lot Dad! At least, you remembered my birthday. And That's my true gift!]
  • Mom cooked my favorite dishes for dinner. Thanks Mom! For all the bestest foods you've made.
By the way, to answer the question again. Aye! I did enjoy my birthday! It might sound so plain to you. But I still don't think I had an unhappy one. Because, it doesn't take much to make me happy! Y'know, just like that... *Smile*
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  1. That's exceptionordiarily good how having this idea. Before I'm someone who eagerly want birthday to be a very excited day and I wish for million laughts. It's a part of having fun. But then, for this new year, I've got new change. I stared to give carelessness on sth like that. That's when I got to know why most adult don't really give attention on this thingy. So I'm becoming an adult! lolz... :D

    Btw, your dad must think you are his little girl still. But, that's funny I have to admit. Your closest are still remember, what else would be worth more than that? I promise you, next year, I'm gonna sing u a birthday song! :P

  2. Of course, it was funny about my dad. He even considered five bucks as lucky for me! But I still like it.
    Maybe I wasn't 19 going on 20 but 19 going on 30 or so. Because I had this idea long before I even knew it.
    I have your word, deary! I have it! And yeah, next year! Sonya?!

  3. Oh So you were lucky then!

    Errrrr Jaja! Sonya! :D

    btw, I just have a look in your profile, and I noticed "The secret garden" you mentioned. Is this the one from Frances Hodgson Burnett?

  4. Oh, yeah! How do you know it? Okay, by reading it? Great! It is an awesome book. And most important of all, it's nearly 100 years old story. I meant it published in 19th century. But I got a republished one. I'll show you, if you'd like to see it. But did you buy it too? In Friend market? I missed to go to that fair, anyway. Go ahead, tell me what do you think about children book these day!

  5. I actually don't have the book, but e-book. I've downloaded it long time ago. I'm gonna read it if you said it's awesome. But it's e-book! My gosh, I have to read it with my pc notebook which is Arrgghhh! :(

    I just read one of those children book, Spells Trouble, so I don't know about the other children books. I can tell that I love any children book with new cool vocabularies! I'd love to learn those children words.

  6. Yeah, go ahead! No turning back. It teaches you a lot of cool words. I guess, I learn from those children books too... Reading them is a must!

  7. You know what happened in my birthday this year?

    I had a presentation about casual public hell. Oops! "I mean Health".

    I cleaned my dorm and the user bathroom.

    I had ELTP (Whatever that stands for) test.

    I had no money.

    I was so hungry and my lunch was a curry boil from the dining hall in my school.

    My friends cursed me.

    ....and Yet I was so f--ked up!


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