Promises Are Meant To Be Broken!

Now, I don't know where my phone Eric is! Maybe, on the bed. Under the pillow. Or in the dirty clothes basket. Alright, wheresoever it is, leave it! No one calls me anyway. As if it was their lifeline, because most people really DO care about phone as much as I DON'T care about phone! But I don't have that attitude, so I am away and far from the phonie world. Now, I have so many things to do. And writing this post is in to-do list for sure. Okay, one post at a time.
Anyone agrees with this phrase "Promises are meant to be broken."? I tried to prove it wrong. But hey, it seems to be true. I had promised to write a time line story, but until these days, I've been postponed it because of multi-task attacks.
As I see further, my time line story is really uninteresting anyway, so I hope Panharath would understand and doesn't take it seriously. I'm not good at compiling stuff and put it into chronological order like Prof. Jame Shelton has taught us. But instead of making a time line, I might choose to write something like: Q&A about me, or to be more exact, 7 things about me, just like in other people's blog that I'd come across. Does it make any sense?
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  1. Gosh, you also give no attention on your phone just like me!!!!! Ha-ha

    It's ok. Let's break your promise then. It's interesting to write Q&A about yourself or else. It's like a game which ppl in blog like to play. After writing about those facts, they tag each other.

  2. So, I'm not alone after all. We're far from the phony world together. Hheheh. But has anyone ever scolded u about that? I made a lot of friends blame me for not picking up the phone. Just like in this case.

  3. Yeah you are not alone. lolz Wow, I used to love say this phrase with everyone too, "You are not alone!". lolz

    I don't have many people call me, even my friends. They used to scold me bla bla, but then they understand about me.

    Because I don't really keep in touch with anyone unless they keep in touch with me, otherwise, they will lose me for months or years or forever. For some reason, I feel that I would bother them while I don't like talking on phone more than 15mn. That's why I don't care about where my phone is unless I really DO need to call someone in urgent or need to find contact number.

    That's so bad right? But it's just me. What can I do?

  4. Oh, don't do anything, sweetie! Be yourself, I think it's good for you to make a small cycle of friends. I do too. I always tell them something like "If I pick up your phone call, thank me! It's your lucky day!"
    Btw, I even get annoyed that I have to feed my phone's credit every month, though I don't use it this much.Hehehe. But I always let the closest ones know when there's the right to time call. Otherwise, they can't reach me out! hehehe.


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