Food For Mood!

Qu'est ce qu'on mange?
I made my own breakfast before I set off to the morning class in Health Education. Although, I'm NOT a health food nuts, but I enjoy being healthy. I might be one of the people who eat PLENTY and still never gain weigh. Lucky me, right? Well, not at all, my friends tease me that I have uninvited-guests to my every meal. It's so humiliating too!
Anyway, every three meals are important, and of course, breakfast is the most, so don't skip it. In short, food is more than just food, and we are what we eat. You can't have GOOD mood, perfect skin, silky hair and shiny eyes, if your foods are junks. Beauty is health, not pain!
And as the saying goes, " She who has health, has hope, and she who has hope, has everything! " Lol...I sound a little bit gender-based, but whatever! So please, don't go anorexia, girls! That's the dumbest thing to do to yourself. It sucks, you know?
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  1. It looks yummy! I do agree that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Sadly, sometimes I have to skip it because my class starts early in the morning. When the class finish, it's time for brunch, not breakfast anymore. But I do try to have breakfast whenever possible.

  2. That's okay for breakfast skipping, if it's just occasionally. But breakfast helps you to be more alert in the class. The research says, breakfast skipper's brain is slower than breakfast eater's, that's why I post about this, I hope it would helps you.

  3. I skip breakfast for years. Not because I'm trying to cut down my weight but I just don't know what to eat. But that's good of you not to gain weight when you non-stop eating. Unlike me, gain weight as much as I eat. lolzzz But who care? I eat what and when I want.

  4. Well, it's great that you have this idea too. I used to skip breakfast too. We gain weigh, because the activities we do is less than we eat. But we all have to eat. Just eat smart! We are the same type again, coz we love to eat! hehehe

  5. Hey, Look! Its so Yummy. Aw....Im hungry now. Hehehe......I try to have a good breakfast too while my friends say im so skinny. Sigh. . . I know i am. Oh, i agree with that —— Breakfast Skipper's brain is slower than breakfast eater's. Tell u this, when i can't answer my teacher's question, he always tease us students that " eat more breakfast! Hahaha. . . "

  6. That's right kiddo! We should eat more breakfast while it's easy and give us more power to both mind and body. Your teacher was right to say so. Eat to live, babe!


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