What's Not To Love About Me?

They say special people are weird people. I don't know if I am a special person or a weirdo. And to decide with the two , I choose to be something in between. A special weirdo! Hah...
I couldn't make my own time line story, I know that's lame. But it's because I'm not the kind of person who follows orders, and my mind works constantly like a spiderweb, it's all messed up but logically connected, so it's not that bad, right? I never know how to BE.
I know how NOT to be. NOT brain. NOT geek. NOT popular. NOT normal. I am number one NOT!
While some people try to be like each other, there are some try NOT to be. They think they're weird, different, one of the kind. Because that's how to BE unique. Stand out lifestyle.
Make your own guess about what I am. Everyone thinks I am ALL of that above. Wrong!
Everyone else has an opinion about me. They told me:
A. Non-Cambodian minded:
Who said so? All most everyone I know. But I tried to adjust myself quite all right by now. Maybe it's because of the way I speak and perceive things. Ah..whatever!
B. Non-Cambodian look: Exqueez me!
Who said that? Gernot, Méta, a twelve-year old girl whom I met and played with at the mall and then Snow white. They told me that I don't look like anyone they've ever seen before! Different from Cambodian. It's just as sounded silly to you as it is to me. Oh come on, stop that! I'm all Khmer blooded. You guys are not making me proud of my traits, but making me feel unbelonged, ridiculous and so is the opinion itself!
C. An immature oddball child: My parents think so. But whoever
they are, authoritarian parents or authoritative parents. They sure make me strong and patient one way or the other.
D. Definite attitude, carefree, humorous, cute, and mature: Gernot, Méta, Snow white, my other favorite people like Ringsey and more.
E. NOT. That's just exactly the way I feel.
Personally I love D. But it's as wrong as A. B. and C. That's all about my self-identified hypothesis. Well, what's not to love about me?
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  1. As I guess you deserved to be a unique! I don't know, I just feel it! So what's to love about you then??? :D

  2. Thanks for being my first follower^__^

  3. Mmmm, it's a very difficult question. But I know what's to love about you a lot! I just know it! Teehee.

    To 11 facts about me: Never mind, I love making friendship. And ur blog is interesting enough to follow. heheeh.

  4. Hi Nathary,

    I have a quick browse on your blog, and, and read 2 of your posts, gotta say, you're a lovingly sarcastic type of person, at least to me *just in case u mistaken what i mean, i would say, ur sarcasm is the type I enjoys reading ^ ^

    Nice to meet you, and you are indeed unique, *hug*

  5. Thank you Barbie.

    It's a pleasure to have u read my blog. Thank u for ur reading and a great opinion too.

    And yes, I know what u meant and it feels so nice to be a sarcastic type of person, anyway. But I still think my type is sort of pathetic...since it all goes to myself!

    But that's okay, it's fun to make a fool of myself though.

  6. You are all that above. Weird, special, easy and hard to be with. You're kind of in between. It's confusing to hear about your indentities but it's the only way to describe who you really are.


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