Black Out!

You were home alone, after school. You were in a blind panic.
You considered calling a technician service. You considered calling someone who is a high-tech nerd. But instead you were damn shaking and frozen. Because when you have almost DONE with the five pages on your political philosophy, suddenly Wannabe just blacked out... NO!
It's DEAD.
Its signal went beep beep beep.
You just wanted to scream! Now, all the work goes DOWN the drain. Five important pages with valuable ideas go down the DRAIN! No, it CAN'T be happening. Not to you! Not now! The paper was due the next day. And you had to start from ZERO again. Oh man! Wannabe, what's wrong? You drive me insane!
Now you can't use Wannabe anymore, maybe until after Khmer New Year. And you're writing this post with your cousin's laptop. You had to knock on her door last night and asked to complete the work with her PC. Luckily, you have saved some parts into flash, so you didn't need to start from nothing at all.
So remember this everyone: DON'T trust your PC, save everything in flash or e-mail or whatever. Technology can be a true misery!
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  1. ugh! i know, right! lucky microsoft word has a built in auto recovery. ;)) that saved my thesis.

  2. Yes, but I couldn't even open my pc now. It's totally dead. But I hope all the docs, still alive after backing up...

  3. God, sorry to hear that. Have you taken your Wannabe to doctor? Is Wannabe in serious condition??? All the best to your Wannabe and all your files.

    But how come you name you lapt as Wannabe??? :D

    Hey you are right about "Don't trust your PC" but remember that you can't trust your thumb drive or your external hardisk too! They are the same! Can be lost every time. Plus, don't trust yourself too, cuz you possibly can be the one who spoil your PC and the one who lose your flash drive! Hahaha kidding! :D

    Good luck, and Happy Khmer New Year!

  4. Panharath, sweetheart, I am thinking the same thing too. Don't trust myself, becoz the diagnose result that I have accidentally deleted the software that function to derive programs. It was all my fault, not wannabe's! btw, I named my laptop as wannabe bcoz it makes me feel like he's a living a pet! And I want to remind myself to be careful. But still, hehhehe! don't worry, better or worse, I've prepared already! Happy Khmer New Year!

  5. Oh, dear. Too bad this thing happened. I don't always save the important things in my Flash at all. Well, i'd better now. Hehehe. . . . And Yeah, damn right. We are a thread to laptop. Lolz. . . . . I accidentally or intently delete some software files for just the disk's memory is low! How idiot i am eh. Never mind, i take that :-P. Alright, Happy New Year!

  6. Girl on her own: Thank you for your lovely concern, I went through all of these before, but still never remember. Lolzz, I hope you won't be in the same situation. Very nice, Hapapy Kmeher New Yaer!


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