The Confession of A Lousy Best Friend.

I got catch in red hand by my best friend, and the only crime that I have committed is writing blog behind her back! Because I told her that I stopped using blog a long time ago, but it was just a lie. And for that she might secretly hate me. But I did insist my best friend to read it in the first place. And I also urged her to write one of her own. Well, she didn't seem to have time for anything like this, so I assumed she's just NOT that into my blog! So, no news is a good news! That's why I decided to hide it away. Will you forgive me, mate?
Now, she gave me a brief workshop which means evaluation or feedback. Thank you, doggie! It shows me what a retarded writer I am. From some of her original thoughts, there they go:

"...Even though I have no idea what this word really means, I know how it works. Anyway, the purpose of workshop is to give you true thoughts about your blog. It’ll help you to build your blog better because blogs are news for reader. If it’s good, people will check it out. Beside your friends, your blog can be being read anywhere by browsers.

-Try not to use some non-English words which had not been explained by you. Some of your posts are really long which can possibly probably scare some of your readers, but not me. You made your blog so personal that can be very general sometimes.
- Your Mexican words are a bit confusing. Try to keep your bl
og simple and easy to be understood because it’s attractive in that way. Good pictures, great self-portraits and bright clear colors. You have a very impressive sidebars and background. It looks very fresh. You point out all your favorite and hateful parts to talk about which is natural and people are able to understand you. Some posts are touching. (It’s not exactly a real word to use though).
-Good hook by saying that “Warning From The Author: Under 18 Years Old Must Not Read!” you know what? People end up reading what they are told to not. They are
sure as hell rebellious.Your jokes are simple, clearly understood and polite. You mentioned my name at last in the post "Home at last, Still Tired, But Not Depressed!" which is good. Your posts are terrific funny pieces which make readers see what actually happened. One Really Bad Thing: You hardly mentioned about me!"

By M├ęta

She still thinks that I use Mexican language, which is so funny. Mexicans indeed speak Spanish, you idiot! And I don't know Spanish, I ju
st think the language is cool. I only know a few, that's all. Oh! Did you really think that I used non-English words? So, that would be exceptionordinary then! Anyway, I'm trying my best to minimize my writing, of course! But the reason why I don't mention about you much, is you're already half way to Mars! [Just kidding!].
In fact, you're just like my private property, too personal an
d precious to put into words [Okay mate, go ahead and barf.] Although, there are a few of you in this blog, there are lot in my diary Pettule. Got it now?
Anyway, back to some of her comments made me wan
t to squeeze her neck and kick her butt so bad. Yet, in a painful way, it made me laughed like jerk. Just look at what she commented in Warning From The Author: Under 18 Years Old Must Not Read!
Another previous post, she also said that I am a moral lesbo supporter. Well, good thing that she's away, otherwise, she'll get wrapped in plastic, sitting in the supermarket with the rest of the hamburgers!
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  1. It's hard to tell u. Well, u could read the title "And it's still hasn't ended?" I think, after u read them, u'll understand.

  2. Your friend did well with her brief of feedback.


    Good Bloog my friend!! Congratulations!!

    good luck!! See you!

  4. Yes, with her workshop, I now realize how I should write properly. But sometime, I don't really know how to express things like she always does. She's a great writer, better than me. You can check out her blog, which is in my blog roll too.

    Thank u Emilio, sorry that I can't read ur blog, since I don't understand spanish!

  5. How can you say all the time that I'm better? It doesn't sound reasonable to me at all, mate. I just wrote some books and web-blog, but it doesn't mean that I'm good at writing, not more admireble than you.

  6. Princess Nathary, from the look of the way your friend gave you comments, barbie gotta say you and your friend share the sense of uniqueness within. =)

    and once again, I enjoys reading everything you write up here, because sarcastic as it may sound, it is the piece of writing that I would label as "my type" hehe....

    BTW, I'm hanging on just fine here. I just wrote stuffs to let my frustration goes, nothing serious literally. Take care, princess! *hug hug*

  7. omg this post was hysterical! Thanks for stopping by my blog, and for the cambodian correction :0)

  8. Is that 2 sense of info, dear?

  9. To babie: Long time no hear! I'm glad u said we share uniqueness, I think, it's typical for best friends to have something. But everyone is. U're also unique in ur own way. I hope u hang out just fine as always. Good day,

    To Panharath: U got her!


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