The Endless Sagacity of Nath.

Oh man! Finally, I GOT my GPA back on track! I know 3.2 average isn't BIG a deal, but it's a CHANGE! Compare to my last Summer term, I feel a bit more upright. Just because, I did get C in my first college English ever, I still have to pay it off till these days. What a real pain!
In my college, if you get all straight A's or B's, you're in A-list or B-list category. But if you catch Cs, you're chickenshit! So, we try to avoid C-syndrome. No matter what sort of C you get. I know it's kind of a pressure, but that's how this school makes us work our butt off.
I received an A in Cultural Anthropology. Thank to Mrs.Teresa Smith, another A- in Environmental Science from Dr. Anita and B+ in Political Science. These two As pushed my grade point average [GPA] to its smiley status. I hope to achieve better in this semester.
Now, I begin my new major and I have to take fours classes in Humanities, Philosophy, Gender Studies, and Health Education.
Although, it's just as hard as my former major, but I enjoy doing what I CAN.
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  1. i would love to learn gender studies! ;))

  2. Then come to my school! Find out why we have to study about Gender, it is quite interesting.

  3. Good luck for your new major, dear.

  4. I once had a class with Ms Teresa Smith, too. She was very nice to me and everyone else in the class.
    I assume that you're in fundamental year, right? I'm in third year.

  5. ugh! i would love too! but ive to wait til im done with my diploma. another 6 months and im good to go! ;DD

    p/s; i'll be the most intelligent iguana youve ever met and yes, in the after life, iguana does read and write blogs. haha. oh! and i cant find your 'follow' widget. ;(


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