Guidepost For All New Bee!

Maybe, I should write something about this. Because after I read Heidi's comment and how she likes my blog, it made me felt so incredible. I know reading my blog is quite a challenge at first. Even though, I have got my beloved readers, and just like Panharath, who has already familiarized with it so well. But I still believe that some of my entries could make such a good misunderstanding for new comers. As we know that most of the time, everyone writes with "I" to refer his or her self. But people will be puzzled over my kind of writing, when they newly step into my blog, because I call myself "You".
And if you want to find out more just read this previous entry.
I guess, most of everybody likes my blog because it's easy to read. I always use my words in plain English. I'm not a big fan of vocabulary, so you hardly find any in my post...!
Another thing about my blogging habit is I write whenever I feel depressed and stressed out or vice versa. Trivia stuff is rarely mentioned, that's how you can see my up and down mood is a little insane. Teehee!
Anyway, I'm not writing only for myself, in fact, I write blog because of my devoted readers. Yes, I meant it! These sweet people spend valuable time reading my posts and share their precious thoughts, that's why I normally make sure each of my post is understandable for you guys. Alright, that's enough for today, I think I should minimize my writing from now on too. So, keep up with me if you like it!
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  1. That's what the best of you, baby! That's what I like about reading yours. Hmmmm While you are writing yours for your readers, I blog only for my own purpose. But everything in yours are really nice to read. So yes, it's the best of you!

  2. Thank you Panharath, my all-time favorite reader and writer! You're the reason why I write blog, firstly.

    Of course, I write for myself also, well who doesn't? But mostly we do it because of the joy of writing alone. And your reading is a part of my joy to write.

    I just hope that my blog would be so boring, well, it's consisted a lot of plain stuff. Teehee!

  3. i like how you put your words altogether.

    where have you been?????

  4. Oh, goody, I was always around, but busy like hell! Thank for you lovely praise. I think I love your writing more!

  5. Really? How come? I doubt that. There's nothing in my post, u know, to be interesting. Because my writing is not sort of short-writing but with full meaning.

  6. Well, this time I have no comment with that. You know yourself clear, why you're interesting. Plenty of reason why I love your blog. No lie!

    Ur BFL.



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