Happy New Year, Happy New Me!

These are the pictures of the Khmer New Year. We just had barbecue together at home with some friends and relatives. It was memorable when family and relatives came around. For the whole vocation, I have gone to a very beautiful place that has a lot of my parent's furniture!
In this Khmer New Year, I received two gifts. A mout
hful of iron, and a newfound allergy! Yeah, I've just discovered my very first allergy ever, which makes me so thrilled! Maybe I should say thank to Panharath. No offend, really!
I had read her post about coffee. So I got this wild ide
a to try drinking it too. And two hours after a cup of coffee, I sneezed non-stop! I used to drink some before, and ended up in the same condition, but I only thought that I was getting cold symptom. Just now, I took a better notice then realized it's not cold that I catch but allergy!
Oh whoa! Getting allergic with something is cool after a
ll. I know it's weird to feel that way. But isn't it weirder than weird? Flowers and sneezing sound more like it, but caffeine and sneezing? What kind of allergy is that?
Yellow shirt is my cousin and some friends.
There was one amusing thing, when Snow white called on Khmer New Year, I asked her what she was doing, she told me that she was playing "Red colored water!" I was like, "What? Isn't it going to stain your clothes!" She burst out laughing uncontrollably, she explained that it's just a kind of card game which they call it so. And again, I took it literally, when my cousins asked me like, "Do you want to play fishing?" I said innocently, "Hah? You want to eat fish?" And they laughed so hard in my face. I thought, "What was so funny?" Then realized that it's just another stupid name of card game.
Well, I guess, when it comes to playing card, I'm alwa
ys the butt of all jokes. But I got my laugh with them too. They even offered to teach me how to play, but I said, "Thanks, but no thank!". The joy of knowing how is knowing how NOT to BE! And I'm glad, because I help keeping our tradition!
BBQ? You want some? No way! It's already gone!
The hot spot! I was there all the time, not helping but taking every bite! Yum yum!
My cousin and I. We both like to laugh together, because normal stuff could seem so funny to us.
Here is my younger brother and I. I can't have personal pose, if he's around. He's a guitarist at home.
Wow, here I looked so professional. But don't be fooled by the picture above! I'm still non-alcoholic, just pretending only. I came up with the theory that, if I act like I am drinking too, no one will pour unwanted beverage in my glass and urge me to drink.
They do it all the time when someone is aloof in the table. Anyway I never be an outcast in any party, because I enjoy seeing other people get drunk, so I could kick some butts and make fun of them after they recover. Lolzz...
I grew up surrounding by alcohol, my family has many friends who bring bottles of wine to us when they visit. And now, we have plenty of wine bottles, big and small, fat and skinny. They're all displaying in the dinning room. And we would celebrate one or two of them in special occasions.
I like the shape of those weird bottles just as much as I like mugs and pottery stuff. Even though Mom doesn't mind if I ever drink. But drinking alcohol is in the list of things I will never do in my life. Perhaps, I just want to be a little extraordinary, because being an alcoholic is ordinary. And that's what makes a difference!
My little cousin!
My little boy is friendly and so sweet. And most of all, we both love Ben10. Everyone was playing card whereas I was a playmate with my little cousin all day. Just a thousand time better than to be sitting around and lost your pocket bucks!
Do you know how stand out I am now with my ugly Betty teeth?
I snapped a picture of my smiley Betty for you. Btw, I finally started to find the braces to my liking now. It's freaking cool, and it is so mine! Maybe I might not going to take this thing off. No sooner than when I could find my prince charming, the person who doesn't care about my ugly Betty look and just loves me anyway. Well, kidding! I forget that Mr. Prince Charming does exist only in fairy tale, doesn't he? Anyway, Happy New Me!
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  1. Nice party! I love barbecue a lot. Hey, I think your cousin (the one in yellow t-shirt). Is her name's Roth? If so, she's my classmate.

  2. OH, really? Yes, her name is nariroth. So u study with her, right? Thank u, nice party and good BBQ too.

  3. Miss Pretty Betty, what is Ben10? Is Ben10 a superhero who has a style of spreading both arms up high like you and little boy did? Lolz

    Anyway, excuse me? Coffee made u sneeze? Weird. I only hear that coffee could people feel active or inactive, or give body the shakes and all that jazz. OK, let me check if there is any study show Caffeine can make consumer sneeze. Better, for your well-being, you should be non-caffeine as well as being a non-alcoholic. And me, I couldn’t live without a cup or two cup of coffee every morning. teehee

    As a child I liked playing card, but now, I don’t. And sometimes I feel even hate people who play for big sum of money. It’s OK if we just play for fun with small amount of money, but what if we don’t play it and do something else for fun?

    Btw, your BBQ really look yummy. Really do. Because, it looks moist enough to make me drooled. BBQ I used to make was dry even though I tried to add some more honey.

    I was amazed when I saw you holding Spy. At once I thought, “Oh, she changed her mind!” but it’s all wrong. Lolz. That’s great you stay away from alcohol my dear.

  4. Hahahah..well, ben10 wasn't what we imitating, but some kind of Ultr Mam and Power Ranger! Lolzz...

    Yes sure, I did allergic to coffee and it lasted for like two days, and I'm wondering the same things too. My mom get dizzy if she drinks, and that's suitable, right? U want to test me, I can show my personal allergy for free. Just buy a cup of creamy coffee to me, that's all! But don't blame me if I sneeze a lot. Lolzzz...

    As a child I did everything just like a child! [Well, it gets nowhere with this phrase!] Lol... but we were child, and we did what we saw other ppl showed us. So no wonder that we grew up being like one another,but I think it's a bit boring! No attitude at all, so I need a change, that's why sometimes, I have to break the chronicle. Why being so bad when we can make ourselves good? It's not wort living for, right?

    Yes, I knew that u would react that way after u saw my pic with the bottle handsomely. heheheh, But I swear, I didn't take a drop, I just posed and put it down to where it belonged. Changing my mind about drinking alcohol is like moving a mountain! It can't be changed, just the thought of taking a little sip makes me want to barf out sick. And I hate Spy especially. However, I like myself being sissy that way. It's fun, right?

    Well, tell u what, I made those two juicy BBQ by my own, u know because of my freaking teeth, it's better to eat the chewy ones only. Oh, honey BBQ? I just heard it from u. Family receipt? Mine just put on beef sauce, that's it!

  5. Wow..... it seemed like very fun! lolz... I like BBQ too. Well, my family don't usually do it at home. We go out all the time as u knew. Oh....i'm too shy to mention that my family eat alot! hahahaha.... Oh hey, about changing the template again. Ugh...i can't. after i uploaded the file, they said ...... okay lets me copy it up here " We were unable to save your template
    Please correct the error below, and submit your template again.
    Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
    XML error message: Content is not allowed in prolog."

    Well, see? whats wrong? do i need to change anything or what? please help!!!! hehehhe. Everybody please. Thanks like a million time. :-*

  6. There's nothing wrong with the old you.

  7. Well girl on her own, thank u that u think it was fun, we mostly gather for something like that at home, big and small. But going out is also fun since we see many people around, right? Btw, as my experience, I didn't meet anything like that. Maybe u should back up ur old template first, and then upload XML file by clicking browse. If ur xml is error, try download another xml. I don't promise that it will work, but give it a try, girl!

    To 14 spices: I know it's you!

  8. For sure I will buy you coffee. You can sneeze your head off. I'm gonna wear helmet to prevent the infection! lolz

    Yes, Honey BBQ. But it's not family receipt. My friends and I run out of BBQ sauce and we were lazy to go and get at Lucky, then we come up with an idea of using honey instead. It’s really tasty.

    I would suggest you to try using honey mix with BBQ sauce next time. :D

    My family has never had BBQ. Or maybe we used to have, but we just don’t skewer the meat and vegetables. My brothers dislike having vegs that’s why and I don’t really like beef.

  9. Sounds like I'm gonna make a storm out of my sneeze or sth. Good be protected! lOl..Well, I'll try this weird receipt, honey BBQ? Hahahha, anyway, we have different favorite, I can eat almost about anything!


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