Back With A Slightest Triumph.

Back as a whole. At least.
Just finished screwing up my presentation on Plato's Social and Political Philosophy in Philosophy class and another mid-term about Mesopotamia up to Greco-Roman in the Humanities. So once again, my brain is completely burned out from all those preparation and hectic moment.
The presentation wasn't perfect, just good! Fewer hands went up for questions than usual. And we scored 19/20, which is the LUCKIEST thing in a world when it comes to Philosophy. And one point THAT missing is because of our writing mistake. Can't help! I have only two hands and a pair of eyes to edit the last minute things. But genius is genius! Teehee
Besides, working on Plato's theory is much psychologically healthier than Aristotle's. And the guy named Aristotle knew nothing about us, women! He was SUCH a hateful CREEP I've ever heard about! How dare his dumb head is to even come up that women and children should be cast out of the public affair, and he believed that they're inferior! SHUT the hell UP! It's not fair, and it's not even true!
However, I still have a special thank to my besty doggie, the only one who always cares every piece I told her of. And another person whom I took for granted while doing my speech. I couldn't believe myself that I ever felt that way, but I did. By just resting my eyes on that warm, unsmiling face, it soothed my nervous act from the start. Thank enormously!
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  1. 19/20?! that's good! in fact, very good! :)) congrats, nathary! yay!

    oh! and i don't like aristotle either.

    "the law is reason free from passion" -aristotle

    i doubt he's even human to have said such a thing!

  2. Hummm I think I like your blog, some words in your blog

  3. "I couldn't believe myself that I ever felt that way, but I did. By just resting my eyes on that warm face, it soothed my nervous act from the start. Thank enormously!"...?????

    My dear, I wonder who is he or she??

  4. To xanabioticx: Oh, dear, thank you a lot, and yes, it's kind of stupid when he made up a theory, it pisses me off, that's why I chose to present on Plato instead, he's nice guy anyway.

    To Samrach: Thank for dropping by, hope we can be friends too.

    Panharath: Just like I expected that u'd nag me about this! But that's nothing serious about that he/she. Only the expressionless face made me more relaxing, but there were a lot I looked at too... Hey, why do u wonder he or she? Why do u think that might be she? Sounds freaky to me...or u just bring complete gender?

  5. Way way way, same here, same here... just like I expected that u would ask me about HE/SHE hahaha! It's not a cryptic question I asked, but very enlightening! Don't forget that you are a lesbo moral supporter like your friend said! lolzz Who know? Perhaps, you possibly fall in love with SHE, you know, like fall for ME! Hahahahahaha :P

    If you let me bring complete gender, I can name you 5 genders! Seriously! hehehe :D

    Btw, I believe that expressionless face somehow made us relaxing. Not to mention about falling in love, but something that hard to find the right words to put in. I too find it is weird for me sometimes when I attract to people who might say nothing at all and would sit in a corner, as well as they don't really show any expressiveness on their face. But I reckon that's not the only thing, I think there's something inside which is very appealing and make me curiously wanna know more. I don't know how to say, but I find it's very inspiring and sth like that! But again, that's not all about love! But you can call it opposite attract! hehehe

  6. Panharath, U're so cool that u can describe sth I can't, and I feel relieve that someone understand what this feeling is too. Well, gender isn't what matter the most, I meant yeah, it is sometimes. Okay, that person is a guy. He's academically cool and very nice. But I hardly talk to him, that's all. Anyway, don't get any wild idea about this... that's nothing! Really.

  7. Haha Confession of a Pretty Betty! :D

  8. Confession? I didn't do anything, btw u're kind of cute and funny, thinking about me falling in love with u? Oh, u just got it now? Finally, u said it so u already sense it too. Lol.. but I love all most anyone, esp the one whom I've never met but has dreamed about me twice! Ahahah...

  9. Huh, you are kbal khoch! lolzz I wonder too. I don't dream often. I don't know what's wrong with me though. Who know? I would become a lesbo. heehee

  10. Kbal Khoch yu huey terb te ding te? Anyway, admit tove tha u fell in love with me, that's why u dreamed about me, I don't mind if u became a lesbo, I might consider accepting u as my 100th girlfriend!


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