Lesson For Life.

We all make them. Get use to it, because life is not fair. But even you've been told a zillionth time that life isn't fair, you still feel that it's not fair that life is unfair!
Sometimes, if we are lucky, a magic eraser will do the trick, and we can rub it across the page, wipe away the false and the dust, and all that. It's only left out our careless mess and becomes a hardly noticeable smudge.
But some mistakes can't be erased. No matter how old or young we are. You couldn't make something that had happened, not happen.Even imagination is powerless. There's no magic eraser in reality!
You wish you hadn't written that.
Here's a letter from your bestie, after you wrote about how hopeless and discouraged you were in your life. You want to take it back. It's depressing, but she made you realized, what the importance thing you've given to her. It gives you a wake up call.
For the last few months, you might have gone too far. Far enough, that you almost lost touch with your inner self. You're so sorry for being lost in this way.
You almost forget who you used to be and how you used to feel. A person who never says a word of complain or negativity. A person who always says," That's okay!" and believes that if you keep your face up to the sun, the shadow will fall behind. Now, you will take that person back to life again.
M├ęta, don't be sorry for me, keep it to yourself. Because that's what I wanted you to be. Since it did you good, it made me proud too. I will be okay in no time. Just remember that, you gave a lot to me too, but not the painful ones as you said.
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  1. My dear, I wish I have time to comment on your posts. I think I missed a lot of yours. After I'm done with my own stuffs, I'll write as much as I want and give you my proper comments. Because I want to read your recent posts throughoutly and carefully before I make any. So the best way is to save your pages, and read at home. :D

    Good luck, girl.

  2. Oh . . . Man, What's going on? Well, you don't need to answer If it's not Really something to be shared. :-)

  3. To panharath: Don't worry, sweet heart! I understand that pretty well, don't be bothered to leave a comment if u're not at all work-free. U can do it any time u wish. Don't take it seriously, first thing first!

    To Kelly: Nothing wrong! I just have a small conflict within my own self sometimes, it's okay. No biggie! Thank for ur concern.

    See u around,

  4. we can learn a lot from our past mistakes and improve ourselves as well as our relationship with other people. and i believe that you and your dear friend have learned yours.


  5. Xana: I'm very pleased to know that u really understand what friends are for. It's a human nature. We all need friends, even not a lot, but a few will help. I hope I make up for my mistake. My only mistake is getting lost from who I am...

  6. "It's ok" and "It's not gonna be ok" which are words I always write to my dearest sistas. And I've just mailed her just a week ago about how she always use the word, "It's ok" as in fact, "It's not ok" or "It's not gonna be ok!" inside! And I hate it when my friends do that to me! Because with all my mind, I wanna know and understand when my friends are not happy, when they are in pain.

    I feel like I want to be THEM when they are in pain.

    When we come in a strong bong, I understand that we're always extremely afraid that we would give another one a painful feeling or we just don't want to make another person to feel down like us or we don't wanna spoil another one's mood. Then they choose to bury it inside, which to me, it is all wrong! Because, to me, if we can't share everything, the best and worse, then it's not what FRIENDS are for!

    However, by all what we've been through and what we've been carried together, it made our bond grow stronger.

  7. Sometimes, it's hard to open their mouth and say something they couldn't bear hearing it themselves. When they don't tell u things, it's becoz they're not secured enough to let it out. They fear it might be too difficult get it at all, they fear u'd feel bad with them, they don't want to share the pain, bcoz they might think one's life is full of hardship and if they add up another to u, they'd worry u couldn't stand both for them as well as for urself. I feel this way too, that's why I always say "it's okay!" not to sth that isn't okay, but I want to just leave it so. I don't want to complain. Becoz, we can't do anything better either. Ur beloved ones might love u, might not wanting stuff to disturb ur peace of mind, so they don't tell, but when time is right, they'll just open up to u. Piece by piece. But stick with them. They'll get the message that u want to help, and that u're trying to understand what is being said rather than judging their problem alone.

  8. I can't remember I wrote such meaningful words to you. Now that I realized it, I'm proud of myself that I have had a freind like you.

  9. Yes, be proud of that, bcoz I know u won't find any ME at the supermarket these days! Neither will I find any U at the fish market these days too!


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