You're The Little Princess Herself

I am currently thinking of what my best friend's commented in my previous post. Just like she said, it's confusing to hear about my self-uncertainty. As if I had never gone this kind of stage before. But, I had already passed it all.
That's true, Most of everyone thinks I'm brainy, popular and normal. My best friend also thinks I'm weird, special and easy to be with. Yes, I admit I really am all that, basically. But no! It's NOT all about being smart, popular that I care. Really!
Of course, I have a lot of friends, I go high-five with the guys, hang out with the girls. I would make some jokes, and they would laugh. I listen to their problems, no matter how small.
I love people, I'm interested in each of individuals I know, whoever they are. I act normal, I speak normal. How could I not being normal? Why do I think I am number one NOT?
In fact, I have to apologize that I didn't really mean what I said. I really know myself clearly [Or so I think]. Leave it to youngsters, I've outgrown of all these stages. I don't mind being unknown or not being smart enough. I just want to be me, that's it.
Anyway, "The eyes are blind, one must look with the heart." You still can't see me with the naked eyes, unless you look with your heart. Maybe I'm just like the little prince, not that I want to boost and compare myself to the character. But it just best describes me.
However, the part that I'm hard to be with surprises me too. Honestly, I didn't realize that. Maybe, I'm mysterious, and like to keep myself to myself, that's why I'm hard to be understood, even with my best friend. Whatever it is, I am sorry for being so hard to understand. I don't mean to. But I don't know why it is so. I'll just come and clean in this way, if everyone want to know about me:
Everybody doesn't have to love me or even like me. I don't necessarily be liked all the time. I know, I can't meet any of your high expectation. I'm not perfect, I'm only being me! And it's okay if you disapprove of me, I'm still fine with that.
I enjoy being liked and being loved, and I like almost anyone myself but if somebody doesn't like me, I'm still remained unbroken, I don't blame you for not liking me, let alone dislike you back, and I still feel about myself as I was yesterday, nothing more and nothing less. Period.
But I'll promise to always see you as a person and respect your right to feel different.
I cannot make somebody likes me any more than one can get to like by oneself..I don't usually need approval. I don't mind when someone devalues of something about me, with or without a reason, I will still be okay.
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  1. as long as you don't let other people's judgment cloud your decision making ability, then everything is fine with you. different people have different interpretation of other people's individuality and personalities. you need not worry about that. :)

    p/s; kudos means praises or credits given to a person for his/her achievement. :)

  2. There I said the right thing that I just realized again.

    Well, well, you're being creepy. Now I can see a lot of me in you. I feel like you're on the wrong side of the road to happiness.

    Remember, if you want to break free, don't come out from the dark to live in a crashed world.

  3. You know what, when I know I'm halfway to where you are, I don't mind not talking with you on the internet because I want to save my stories for our proper time soon.

    I miss you really, but I'm calm. I know I'll meet you there.

    See you, a pouk mark chker!

  4. To Khmer IT: Thank for visiting, hope to have u around more.

    To xana: yes, I thought so, thank for the translation, hey, it's so cool that u wrote it to me. Of course, I need no more, I don't have to worry over things I can't control. But u have a very good perspective about individuality too [well, as I've been reading u posts] Thank for ur understanding!

    To my doggie: That's what I was thinking too. When u're coming back from Mars, u'll just shut the hell up and save it later for my ears. Okay I can wait to get an earful, mate! Don't worry. but I'll still write my crazy thoughts off, even u're not around to read, bcoz I have my other readers who like my blog than my own doggie best friend..evil kidding!

    Btw, the idea that they make u write three posts per week in ur blog, now it has infected me. And I feel like I want to write to this limit too. Baloney!

    Anyway, tell me the date u'll be here, i'll kill u if u're just show up at my house and smile. U know it could give me a heart attack!

  5. Sometimes I think it's ok for being ourselves and it's ok for being uncertain about ourselves. Most people tell us that we are intelligent, we are great, we are beautiful and all that jazz, but for me, I might need to add the word, "Not enough". So when people tells me so, I always think, "Yeah, I'm not intelligent enough!" and so on. I like the term of, "Be yourself", but then I figured out that, "No! Not always be yourself!" because, for example, if you are unpleasant one, but you keep being yourself, then??? For some reason, I'm not always BE myself, but I try to BEND myself. Because I want to be a decent person. For ME.

    And for me, I love people, just like you and I want them to love me too, but it doesn't hurt me if they don't like or love me.

  6. Oh! no worries about if I show up at your house since I can't even remember where my own old creepy house is located. Also, I can't tell when I will be there since no one tells me yet. They will just tell me when it is time to go. That's my school policy. First rule is you have to be flexible. So...

  7. That's what I'm talking about Panharath, it's how most of us feel, I guess.

    But bending urself is like in traditional behavior, youngster has to respect older. Be urself can be meant u believe u can make it, u believe u're good and nice enough, so u don't need this or that to be happy... and even if we're not good enough, so what?

    To Doggie: Well, actually I still remember ur house like daylight. I think, u're lost, I'll find the way for u. Btw, I'm being creepy? Do I sound creepy to u, doggie? I think I'm being nice to myself, and won't get angry with ppl and blame the world. That's who I want to be. Okay, I love u, dog! Hope to squeeze ur neck soon!


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