Remember When...

Oh Métty doggie! Do you remember them, mate?
Because I remember...
  • When we talked and laughed together as though we own the whole place to ourselves. But no one could understand our jokes, it seemed like we were talking in a private language. Sometime, we looked at each otherjust only look. Then we broke out laughing like a couple of retards!
  • I remember you would play guitar and I would sing, even you like Avril's songs, you still played Hilary Duff's, because you knew I love Hilary. And we would pretend that it was our rehearsal, like we were going on a big gig or something.
  • Once, I bought some Chinese pies for you and me, and you told me that when I was eating that pie, I looked like a Chinese "beggar"!
  • I also remember wresting over the book called "Sunny" by Anne M. Martin. We didn't fight over it, we were actually wresting over it!
  • When you imitated a few lines from Lindsay Lohan's movie "Mean Girls", I made face and acted as if you had made a fool of yourself then you got really irritated, humiliated, and you shoved me so hard, it sent me flying against the wall. And the next thing I knew was that, I saw a lot of stars!
  • Again when we were sitting on the bench outside the French School. You started singing rap music to me, and when you finished, I sarcastically shook my head as to say "What a ridiculous thing I've ever heard!" and you banged me off of the bench onto the ground. You laughed!
  • When you were performing ballet on the stage, I winked and thumbed up at you, and you just stuck your tongue out at me in front of the audience. After the end of the show, I ran off to give you a bear hug and we spun around in laughter.
  • One time in the restroom, you tried to undo your African-tiny-braids hairstyle, but when your hair came loose, it went fizzled up in every direction, as if you had just plugged your finger in an electric socket! And when I saw you, I laughed and laughed and laughed until you refused to get out of the bathroom. But really, you looked great and unique that day!
All of these keep me getting through my days, they keep me smiling away without even notice. Though I'm alone, I don't feel lonely! I hope you remember that too, my doggie!
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  1. Wow you call your friend doggie! Lolzzzz I wish I could call my friends that too. Lolz

    Yeah sometimes I wonder why everyone look at us when we enter some places. I found out now. Because we talked and laughed so loud like there're no ppl in the places. Who cares? I looked around and none of them I know. Lolzzz

  2. Lolz. . . I can even feel How you guys feel talking loudly just to scare some ghosts! Hehehe. . . Panharath was right, Who cares! And, it's wow you call your friend doggie! Very funny and cool. Did your friend read it yet? Hopefully not eh. Oh. . Yep, If u said so about my image, What else i should do beside follow you. See ya.

  3. To Panharath: She called me the same way too, so in Khmer we call each other, "Ah-chkair!" and it became our favorite name. It first stated from me, because I seem to lack the ability to bring out swear words, and the only frequent word I use with her is this one "doggie!" that's funny, I know! And it's a memory too.

    To Kelly: I guess so, ghost might scare away because our crazy laugh. Sometimes, ppl just wonder how could the two of us laugh without saying a word at all. It's just like we laughed over the topic of "Laughing"! I think I miss those hard laugh with my bestie a lot by now.

  4. your friend has a cute nick! and i would looovveee to hear you sing!

  5. Ah-chkair! Ewwwww, I only call my friends "Ah Jleuy!" since they like mocking me.

    Think Kelly used to scare some ghosts, didn't you? lolzzz I really want to know if those ghosts could have their hairs stand up straight! ;)

  6. awh~ such sweet memories!

    re: i wouldn't mind although i think that mine is no better than yours. :)

  7. To Khairunie: My voice is just a silly pitch but I like it becoz at least I could sing my favorite songs, that's all. Thank deary!

    To Panharath: Well, it's really nasty if we call it rough, but I just use it when I get perked up with our silly action. We didn't mind being a goodie doggie to each other. Ah jleuy? I like it now!

    To Xana: I think, no one's best friend is better than other's. All best friends are unique. Ur best friend might not the same to mine, but we won't change, will we?

  8. Ah-chkair, of course, I remember that moments (only when you wrote it here.) He-he...


    I'm kind of busy a bit. That's why I didn't comment on your blog. I didn't even read your blog, but it's okay since I didn't read mine too.

  9. One more thing, from when did you start to use the phrase "Remember when" ?

    It reminds me of the song we hate listening to, you know.

  10. Dog, I got to like that song now. Since u're out to hell. I think I was writing to make u read, but damn u, u're the last who get ur butt to read this. Well, u have to pay it off once I get ur butt kicked around here!


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