Are You Androgynous?

Previously, I have mentioned about Vampires and got to the point that the new vampire character in New Moon, Jane is androgynous. And I wonder who else could understand what it means besides Stephenie Meyer and I? *Wink* Now, do androgynous people exist, you ask?
Yes, they do. As specific as 30% and I'm one of them. I scored high in Sandra Bem's scale, both on feminine and masculine traits.
My best friend scored high in masculine than feminine, it's called sex-revers. Sorry mate, you have to have both feminine and masculine side to be one.
The term androgyny originated from the Greek word for male, andro, and female, gyn. It is used when we think that a person can have both personalities from masculine and feminine. When you're considered as androgynous, you're both assertive and sensitive, both independent and understanding, we can't help but think that being androgynous is psychologically healthy! It's like a natural gift, isn't it?
Androgynous people seems to be more highly adaptable, able to strengthen up their behavior to the demand of the situation at hand. Androgynous children or adolescents appear to enjoy higher self-esteem, and are perceived as more likable, interesting and better adjusted than their traditionally gender-typed peers. However,
it doesn't mean that will make you too macho or sissy, so it has also become clear that androgynous men can still feel quit masculine and women appropriately feminine even though they sometime express traits which related with the other gender-role.
That is, androgynous individuals are blenders, combine many of the desirable traits listed in both roles, like independent and emotional, self-confident and considerate, ambitious and creative.
To help you understand about the gender-role orientations of the people like me, let say, I can display the masculine instrumental trait of independent by resisting social pressure to judge an unfairly insulted comments as wrong, even my peers think it's right. Yet, I can display the "feminine" expressive quality of understanding by feeling a need to sooth a crying person and being aware of other people's feeling.
So we're very flexible, because of having the ability to switch back and forth between roles, then living in a certain so-called society is far more enjoyable and stress less than others would feel.
It's sort of like, being androgynous is a unique antibiotic that can wall off the cut or shield up from all kind of badass social diseases that life might be exposed to.
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  1. interesting, i wonder if i'm androgynous...

  2. To Cassey and Toothfairy:

    U guys need to take the test before u know if u're androgynous, but sometime, we can notice androgynous people by the way they express themselves mostly in both ways. Do ur boyfriends like kids or pets? They might be androgynous if they watch chick flicks and even enjoy it as much as u do.

  3. Whao, Yeah you girls are right. This androgynous person is interesting, But not the explanation, it's kinda complicated! Hahaha, just joking! I also wonder If i am one? So, there's a test, huh? *thinking* i'd love to take that test.

    Ohh, you exampled like A man loves kids or pets. That reminds me of this guy, he said he's Really good with kids and kids also love him. He's natural with it. That's What he said. *Rolling Eyes* is it considered as androgynous person? But i don't know If he likes pets or not. Anyway, he's good with kids doesn't mean he likes them. Maybe another pretending jerk. Lolz. . . Alright.....

    One favor please, would you mind describe What's goin on in that picture of you? I kinda don't get clearly What your hand was holding or something. Lolz. . . .

  4. i'm psychologically retarded. haha.

  5. To kelly: Well, great u think it's complicated, I don't! Bcoz I know when we're ones of the Androgynous type, we can feel it.

    About that man u mentioned, it depends not all kid-lovers are androgynous, as i said the only way to know it is taking the test.

    Heheeh, in the picture I was holding nothing but my jacket. I was going to put it on and my friend snapped it, that's all.
    Why u are interested? But somehow I think it's reflect to who I am. Like cheery face and psychologically healthy...

    To Xana: Has! U're not a psychologist, so u cant' judge urself as retarded. Make sure u don't believe it!

  6. I let you guess if I'm androgynous. lolzzz

  7. U see urself more than anyone, don't let anything prejudge u. It's just a small part that makes us realize who we are, but the most is all up to us.

  8. no, seriously. i was on counseling sessions a few years ago, and since i've a close relationship with my psychologist, he told me that i'm psychologically retarted. haha. but what he really meant was i was aware that i was constantly in and out of depression but i just can't control it. :)

  9. To xana: Man, I want to visit a therapist sometime, I know how it feels being depressed, but lucky, I can deal with it, I meant I'm on self-therapist and my kind of personality is more than enough to stand up to depression. Depression has no its end, as you know it already, but i'm glad you speak about it with me. Keep going, dear! *hug*

  10. Hmm... I've missed a lot of your posts, you are indeed very active in blogging. Keep posting, it is nice to read from you and what you have been up to. *hug*

  11. U should do the same thing you've said to me, barbie, I miss ur post too.

  12. honestly speaking, ur blog is one of my fav page, though sometimes I don't leave any comments, but that doesn't mean that I stop stalking on u hehe... I don't feel like blogging for now, that's y u rarely see me updating these days, so oh well...

  13. Thank u for telling me that my blog is ur favorite, urs is my favorite too. But I think u're busy and maybe a bit worn out from writing, some time I feel the same way too. It's okay, u don't need to update to suit anyone, just relax and stress-free okay!

    PS: I know why u don't show off ur face, as they say, a real beauty always hides!


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