What Do I Know?

I was preoccupied with my presentation about Northern Renaissance and Protestant Reformation for my Humanity class. Actually, I have learned many things from the history of Christianity. I probably know more than some Christians do. However, it wasn't an easy kickoff either.
Anyway, I did NOT present for a good grade, neither did I challenge with my other classmates, but I only challenged with the task itself and shared -what I DO know- to everyone. It's just way more important than saying exactly what you're supposed to say. My professor said that even though this was a difficult topic to undertake, I could make it sound interesting, and understandable to the class. Hey, I don't brag, but that's what I'm good at. Making something complicated to be less complicated [ also I could do the revers!].
But the real ingredient of my presentation is the story of Othello by Shakespeare. I also did a quick summarize of it in my speech, because people like being told the story. And it worked! My friends said I seemed like a professional historian. Kudos to me! Lol...
Btw, I should personalize the question "
What Do I Know?" from Montaigne, I did find it very useful for an individual like me. Of course, I would not know everything about everything, but at least I know something! So the first thing I would like to know is my true self, because an understanding of oneself could lead to an understanding of the others.
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  1. oh, my! history and shakespears are two things i can never live with. haha. well, i can. but i could never spend more than 2 hours reading 'em. unless! the book tells the story with a twist. you should consider being an educator! if you can grab your listeners' attention AND make the understand, then you're definitely a good speaker.



  2. Nathary,
    Great presentation slide was done!
    And interesting topic to present, too.
    And i'm convinced you are a good speaker!
    Well done! My presentation had just over and that's where i came up with an idea on my latest blog. =)


  3. Great job dear! For me, I know things from others and I can say that I learn about myself throught others.

  4. To Xana: Thou art right! Shakespeare's writing is weird and also hard to understand, but I learned some of great expressions from him, so u don't like Romeo and Juliet anyway?

    To Jesyca: Thank u very much. I will read ur latest post after I finish this, I guess, maybe u have many good advice for me to keep in mind.

    To Panharath: Wow, I feel so relief when I see ur comment in here again, I'm glad u're back, it's always great to hear from u. And thank u, I think it doesn't matter how u get to know something, once u know it, it's ur knowledge forever! Yes, others could see what u can't about urself, so we learn from each other's point of view too. Am I right?

  5. no, romeo and juliet is a tad overrated but i do admire shakespeares. just can't stand reading his writing for too long. lol!

  6. Hahaha, good for u then, I thought u said that u could never live with history and Shakespeare....


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