My Joke For All!

People have no idea that sometimes learning about diarrhea can be so much fun! Because, I made the class laughed so hard last morning. What was so fun about diarrhea anyway? Here are some parts of my power point for the presentation in Health Education class. The prof and my classmates said that, our presentation has the nicest decorated slides, [which I was the only one who did it!]
But I decided to post some parts, because all wouldn't be possible, I'm afraid you accuse me of making you refuse to eat your dinner tonight. But Hey! Don't think boggling stuff, it doesn't mean that I was presented the exact pictures of diarrhea victims either. That would be tutoring just to watch, ya think!
I just want to share the knowledge and yep- a joke to laugh!
However, after explaining about diarrhea and -"you will know it when you have it" - symptom, along with all that preventing methods, I also gave a great joke.
When we finished our presentation, we have Q&A time for the students who are not clear about some points. And there was a goofy guy who asked a question that we had already presented and even answered, his question was "What is acute diarrhea?" My teammates almost lost patient with that, but I just told him like, "You only have to remember that acute diarrhea is when it has to come suddenly before you could open the bathroom's door!" -then the entire students laughed like crazy, including our Prof and the Filipino classmate.
They say, it takes a genius to make good jokes. Hey, thumb up for me! I guess, the best things I've always done is making people laugh.
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  1. Hahaha. . . Lolz, man, i'll give you two thumbs and two toes! Well done! :-P i think that guy also wanted you to make this joke up by asking same question. Hehehe. . .

    Oh. . Hey, i didn't leave you comment on the previous previous posts. I've just been very very busy lately. Sigh. . . I just dropped by and skimmed through. You'll see What i'm busy with :-D.

  2. Well done! You gave him a very accurate answer. Haha well i tried to imagine that when you said, "it all comes down suddenly before you could open the bathroom's door!"

  3. Oh btw, don't you think that infant picture is cute? Hey, Does you look like him/her when you was little?

  4. To Kelly: Thank for the extra toe-up! Yes, that guy also laughed at that. That's okay, u can leave comment anytime u like. And do it when u're feeling great only, ok?

    To Panharath: Ors sopheap trem oun neng heuy! heheheh. I think my prof might add some marks to my team for that. Lolzzz... hey, where did u get that idea from? How could I know if I alike that cute baby when I was this wee? if u post ur baby picture in ur blog, I guess I'll just post mine too..but maybe u're too chicken to make a deal already! Lolzz

  5. Eiya eiya lolzzz Are you trying to provoke me? U know what? I'll post it for sure! Let's see! I'm afraid u would be the one who's too chicken to make a deal vinh te! lolzzz

  6. I think that u really good at English

  7. Panharath, let's do it then! I wont chickened out if u start it first! And if u can clip ur baby pic with some of ur family history, that would be so brave of u, deal?

    Thank samrach, so do u! I'm not native English writer, so it's only simple to read.

  8. Haha okie okie, let's see how many pictures I can collect! But hey u still a little bit duckened (Not chickened) to start first hah! :P

    It's my honor my highness! :P

  9. Ahahaha i couldn't agree more

  10. Thank Cassey! Both for ur laugh and visiting!

  11. Great post. I think we should follow above steps.



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