Love of Wisdom.

I'm a BIG believer in the benefits of education.
Sadly, most of us don't know that EVERYONE is a GENIUS! Sometimes, you might think I boost myself by saying the word genius way TOO many. But indeed, everyone is genius from birth. I don't mean that everyone is Einstein either. There was only one Einstein. But you're marvel! In the hundreds of years that have passed, there has never been another person like you. You could become a Shakespeare, a Michelangelo, a Mozart. You have the capacity for anything. But day in and day out, we start to forget that we are ones of the geniuses.
Socrates said, "People act wrong because of their ignorance!"
We ignore our love of wisdom, the joy to learn, instead we focus only what other people value like grades or achievement. This is a conscious decision, and now I have made up my mind, that I'm no longer studying for grades anymore. Although it sounds bizarre, because grades are important, especially they can lead to future career and other education options.
But there is one thing people always overlook, something that more to an education than just grades- knowledge itself.
So I'm going to learn for the sake of learning, and not to worry about how much I score.
And for my joy of learning alone, I just want to know everything about everything! That's my ambition. even if it's impossible. When people ask me, why do I have to read this or that, is it for a test or exam? But I simply tell them, "I just want to know."
This is the genius in me. You can awake the genius in you too, that's nothing to do with smartness or having a high IQ. But it comes from your curiosity, creativeness, imagination or even your sense of humor, that's what make genius a genius. Just learn from it!
One of my BIGGEST regret in life is I couldn't finish reading 100 books during high school. However, the door to wisdom is never shut.
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  1. i was never a school lover probably because the stuff you had to study was mandatory...but now that i'm done school and have the freedom to learn what i want to learn, it's much more fun! :)

  2. Thank you so much Kym! U really know what is the freedom to learn after u finished schooling, for me there's a way to learn even I'm still schooling, I started to make every subject a joy. So I wear my heart out to actually learn instead of just study! Thank again for the visit!

  3. hey
    i agree with u

    by the way
    thx for following my blog

  4. Thank u Yulia, I hope u like it too.

  5. hey ya, nathary! i'm so sorry i haven't been commenting your posts lately. i've been extremely busy. so, how are things with you?

    oh, and i absolutely agree! personally, i think that it's all in the effort that you put in when trying to achieve something, for an instance passing a difficult subject in school exam. if you fail, it's never because you're stupid, it's just because you didn't study enough. or maybe you did, but on the day of the exam itself, you forgot. that happens to me all the time, i'm speaking from experience. lol! anyhow, the point is, never think that you're too stupid to do/achieve anything!


  6. Thank u Xana: I'm glad u're back again, at least for now. That's okay, u don't have to devote to comment every post I've written, it's normal, all of us are busy sometimes.

    But really, u have a very interesting thought here, and it's the same to what i was trying to say. That's why I wrote this post out. I figured it out a long time ago, but had no time to say. But I hope it could relate to any nerd out there, that don't always study until u forget to learn!


  7. well...thanks for visiting my blog. Your blog is nice both the look and the idea. I have gone through some of your post and I kind of like most of them. One more thing, U look familiar to me and I am sure I used to see you many times. :)

  8. To [I don't know what's ur name yet]: Thank also for ur visiting. Really? U have seen me many times before? Oh, very nice that u feel familiar with me. Thank for that too. Hope we can be blogfriends...


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