Random Conversation with Best Friend.

What were you talking about? -When you met your long lost best friend?
For me, it's always comforting to have mine around, we feel at ease because we know that nobody can understand what we are talking. We talk without finishing phrases. When we get together, we will have random laugh, coz we do it non-stop! And we always have topics to discuss. Well, you don't need to laugh at this random talk, coz you're not in that situation. But just read for fun if you like. *Wink*

Méta said, "I will be gone for another 4 years, mate. So I need to stock up something from here."

[After that, we were in the supermarket.]

" What do you want to buy now?" I asked.

"Let's buy toothpastes and toothbrushes first. In the place where I stay, the toothpastes are junk ones!" She said.

[We walked to the household supply section, looking at the shelves of different products.]

"Do you know what kind of toothbrush is good?" Méta asked blankly.

"Oral-B? Ah! Here, use these. They're soft, super soft!" I said.

I grinned at her and added in English, "Never use stiff brush!"

She was like, "Oh!" as in oh-I-got-it tone.


"But what "stiff" means in Khmer anyway?" she asked, frowning.

[Rolling my eyes] "Hard!" I replied. I grabbed four of the toothbrushes and handed to her.

Méta asked, "How long a toothbrush could be used?

Instead of saying "Rat! Even a kid knows!"

I told her plainly, "Three months for standard use, you have to change it every three months."

She held out four toothbrushes and said, "Three months for each, and I'm going for 4 years?"

"So make it six!" I said with a shrug, preparing to laugh.

"Looks like they would last for more than 2 years, I guess." she said, playing along.

"Alright, then one year for each toothbrush will do!" I said and both of us burst out laughing!

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  1. Its nice meeting your best friends. I always wonder... Most of the time we have to move on without them... I mean like me and my friend we go to different uni, we work in different places... And worse of all, each day I have to face the most boring type of person everyday at work... and the time left to meet up with my best friend is getting shorter and shorter ... we rarely meet up now :-( we don't have T.I.M.E. T_T

  2. yeah!! being with ur true best friend is so fun. I am always myself when being with them. I am not shy or hesitate to do such a crazy things. We always laugh out loud until everyone look at us in a wondering face...laughing disorder is the best word that perfectly fit in that situation.

  3. nice post anyway...wink!

    Hope i can enjoy a laughing disorder with u someday...Grin!

  4. HaHaHa. . . Funny eh. Yes! Hey, now we have random conversation. And Who knows What is the next random stuff! :-D

    It'd be hard to see your friend leave again, But this is Life- Life is a series of arrivals and departures, rite? Wish her good luck. :-)

  5. To Danou: That's so sad! Everyone has experienced it in different way, sometime best friends move out, sometime we have no time, sometime the friendship is ruined by some courses. I think, it's better to chin up. I used to take it hard, but now I know that not every best friend has to be together.

    To Svieta: I'm glad to read from you, yes, we always cherish the moment with our loved ones as much as we can, becoz everything changes, so enjoy it while it lasts. But don't forget to be your own best friend when your best friend is way.

    To Kelly: It's not as hard as I expected, I'm kind of getting used to being without my best friend. You're right, it's just life. People go on to different paths...but it's better to have one or two best friends in your lifetime.

  6. hahah
    so funny dear,,,
    I love almost ur thoughts


  7. Haha it reminds me about my conversation with my parent the other day about the toothbrush.

  8. To Yulia: Nice to hear from u, thanks that u think it's funny. But where have u been lately?

    To Panharath: I think it's not as funny as urs, since I was laughing like nuts when I read ur dialogue, but this one is justa playfully type of bestfriendhood. We might have the same communication pattern then!


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