My First DATE!

On Saturday, I went out on date with Panharath, my first blog friend whom I'd never met. Whatsoever you say, I still call it a date. I was strolling around with Méta in Park Way Mall, and my eyes were scanning any sight of Panharath, but I saw only other people were playing bowls inside the bowling room, and finally I saw a girl’s back, even I wasn’t sure who was that, but I could feel that it was her! I paused outside and looked through the glass window, she turned involuntarily, and I waved at her.
She looked great in her brown shirt and short pants, I could see her face lighted up when she saw me, and she was kind of BOUNCED off the room through the door, smiling her thirty-two teeth at me. I smiled my ugly-Betty teeth at her. She invited us in, and once we got inside, I mumbled whether we should hug or something. And we DID hug! That was the good start!
Méta said we looked as if we have known each other for years. Well, I felt like I have. I told Panharath that I didn’t know how to play bowling; I’d never played it before. She said it didn’t matter and insisted me to play it anyway, I finally gave in. We walked to the shoes stand.

At the counter, she asked me, “What’s your size?” I said “The smallest ones.” She giggled away and announced to the shoes keeper, “Cinderella shoes!” I laughed.
Whether the shoe keeper heard it or not, but a minute later, out came a pair of dinky-pinky sneakers which reminded me of Hilary Duff’s movie. We went back to our bowl section. She introduced me to her best friend and her brothers, Panharath’s best friend said she’s also heard about me. I smiled my Betty smile again.
I put on my Cinderella shoes and to my surprise, they were fit. Panharath showed me how to bowling and urged me to try it. I took the bowl for the first time, the size was bigger than my head, and I figured out the bowl weigh —[who knows how heavy]— on my hands.
I tried to balance the bowl, I slowly ran and threw it as professional as I could, and it got off the lane immediately, swaying to the side. I turned around and grinned with the I-told-you-so grin, but Panharath seemed so cheerful as if she was seeing a toddler who has just taken the first baby step.
While taking a break, I handed her two books, “Snow flower and the secret fan” and “One more Day”. She seemed so interested in books, because she looked them up right away and turned them around from cover to cover. Later, she asked for my comment about other good books.
I told her “Twilight”
She asked “What it’s like?”
I said “Just read, you’ll see”

She said “Oh, tell me.”
I still said to her, “No, more detail might ruin the story schemes.”
She started to argue, “No no… tell me! Tell me!”
I found that so cute and funny, I already knew that, but it still made me wanted to laugh.
The conversation with Panharath was like a ping pong game, she ping, I pong, and we really enjoyed it a lot. But I noticed that she expressed herself more casually and easily than I did. Sometimes I found myself half stumbling and half trying to SQUEEZE the words OUT off my mouth [which probably due to my speaking disorder].
At first, I asked if she was disappointed when she saw me, she said she didn’t think so. I told her that everyone called me kindergarten kid. She actually laughed! She loves to laugh, I guess.
One thing that made me amused was that Panharath seemed to be so curious about my unsociable life, because I told her that I’m not allowed to go out often; she looked like she was in pain, like she was unsatisfied for me that I’m always grounded. I told her I got used to that pretty well, and I don’t mind it. Until then, she admitted that she wanted to stay in like that too.
I remembered one funny part, in our booth, we were sitting shoulder to shoulder, and we had to lean toward each other’s side each time we wanted to talk, because there were noises in the bowling room which made it hard to comprehend our speaking in distance. It had become a habit for a while, and one time when I leaned over, waiting to hear Panharath in case she had anything to say. And at the same time, she also leaned toward me in the same purpose, but neither of us said a word to each other! Until I heard Panharath broke off laughing, and I joined with her at this idiotic silence.
I had a very best time and worst time. The best is I played bowling, and the worst is also I played bowling. [Just kidding!] It was an exciting time to meet Panharath, of course! And when we had to go, we hugged each other again for good bye.
That was the good end!

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  1. Aw ...... your date with Panharath sounds so lovely to me. Hehehe ... i wonder how could you pick up the ball anyway, with your boney-hands? lOlz.... Jokin! But you look boney though. :P

  2. awh~ this is the most innocent and sweet date ever! i'm glad that you guys hit it off instantly.

    p/s; planning to visit cambodia soon. :)

  3. great... when will u date with me too?

  4. Oh my god! Xana, are you kidding me? I thought you were just saying for fun! Okay, it's still a plan yet, right?

    To koko: Back off boy, u're too young to date. Lol....

  5. To kelly: Oh, yes, I'm boney, but wait until you see me eat! Btw, Panharath and I also mentioned about you when we met. Better make a date too babe!

  6. Yeah it sounds much more like dating as we both was a little bit nervous. Dating with you I feel like I'm on date with a boy! lolzzz kidding.

    I think you should start writing you own book. You perfectly tell the story very well.

    Hey was I demanding? Because I just wanted you both to have fun since you don’t know how to play.

    I hope your friend, Meta wasn’t bored on that day. Btw, hey I happened to remember her face somewhere. Did she has short hair when she was little?

    And yeah, it appears so weird and unfair somehow, to me, about how could you be so grounded. And I think I’ve found the reason why! lolz don cha kno that? lolzz

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  8. Oh! Could it possibly be a date??
    No doubt, yes it is! And a lovely and sweet one, too.

    I couldn't believe my eyes when you blog of meeting Panharath. I couldn't quit reading your story, not even a second. It sounded hyper interesting! Well, a bowling date, and of course, i can feel that it was the lovely one. *winks*

  9. Hahaha Sound like lesbo date eh? You know Jes, I think Nathary can start her writing, like write a book or sth.

  10. *LOL*
    Yeah, agree with you Pan, Nathary should start selling e-books instead. =)

  11. Panharath: I know u wanted me to have fun, I really thank u so much for all that. It was a very wonderful time to see u and also to try new thing, I've seen a million time of ppl play bowling, but never got a chance to do it.

    I wasn't complain about the weigh or stuff like that, really. It's just the feeling I want to write for fun.

    Of course, Méta was having a great time, watching us! Don't worry, she always turns to stone when she's around new ppl. Lol... Well, I think she might use to have short hair when she was young, but I didn't know how short. Maybe u was one of her playmate?

    OH, c'mon! Looks like you've never been on a date before? But well, since everyone in here thinks we're dating and it sounds sweet, I don't need to deny that, do I?

    Jess: Ha-ha! Get real, writing a book is like eating an elephant, u know! But thank u for encourage me, I really hope that someday my cheesy writing could produce a cheesy book. Lol..

    Thank you gals!
    For reading...


  12. PS: Panharath, what is the reason behind my grounded life?

  13. Princess, you reminded me of a date I had with one of my princess frn on blogosphere last year!

    Back then, I was kinda scared a little bit, well, I shouldn't use such term as a little bit, I was downright freaky n stupid till I can't put it into words. *blushing*

    Well, anyway, we both are now good friends now, and we even share the same class together. what a coincidence! Thank to blogosphere, you started our frnship :)

    When will it be our turn dear?

  14. Khairunie: Hehehe, I wish and wish that we'll have a date too. But unless u have a vocation in Cambodia or I have a vocation in Malaysia. Is that fair?

    Dear Barbie: Hey, it's kind of driving me off the wall! What?? We share a class? U meant at school or in blogzone? I can cringe all day if u say so. U know I still don't familiar with ur face, princess? Tell me tell me!

    Well, I was nervous at first, but when I saw Panharath was so friendly and warm, I became better. But I still felt quit shy.

    Thank for dropping by Princess.

  15. Gaga I know you would ask. Well not that hard to get the reason. You are a kindergarten remember? Wait until I can figure out how to get you out of it. lolz kidding.

    I think I happened Meta somewhere well im not sure. Maybe at CCF. I can picture that she has a short hairs about her neckline, err a little bit like boy. uknow?

  16. Oops... sorry for the confusion, princess >,< I actually wanted to say that last year i had a date with one of my frn in blogosphere too, and now we became good frns, plus we also share the same class together.

    I'm more than sure that you're not familiar with my face for I have never posted any pics on my blog. I kinda prefer to be an anonymous blogger for now. Some of my blogger frns used to talk to me on Messenger, n yes, they asked for my pics,so I shouldn't call myself as an anonymous blogger in that sense.

    Wait, if we both really did share the same class, I would surely run like crazy n hug you with a grin. hehe...

    I used to be on Panharoth's blog once. I feel like she is a nice person to be around with, frnly indeed *smile*

  17. Whao. . . . Sound like people here are getting a date now! Lolz. . . . Aw, this is so great. Are you ready, NaThary? Lets go on date! *blushing*

    Hey, Why don't we make a group date? So that we all can have fun. Good idea huh? *grin*

  18. To Panharath: Yes, she studied French at CCF. I think that was her. Hehehe, she's a boy in a girl's body. As I've written in the previous post, she rated high in Masculine than Feminine...But never doubt! She loves boys. Hahaha, yers! po-kair derr nas yourng! Of course, I would like to be forever young, hehehe immortality!

    To Barbie: You know, when I was still confusing, I thought that how meaningful my school day would be if I could share the same class with princess barbie. But I'm so disappointed that it's not real. U both are so lucky to be so close like that. If u really see me, could u add a few smooches when u run and hug me? hehehe

    To Kelly: Yes, I'm always ready for a date, if you think u could enjoy some disappointments when u meet me too. Hope someday we can meet, babe!


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