A New Found Pup!

It feels great that my stomach is full of nothing. All my lunch has been consisted of peanut butter sandwich and a carton of fresh milk for days, I got the toaster out this morning to make breakfast which now has become my brunch. I seemed to eat nothing but peanut butter lately. I guess, I smell like NUT and feel like NUTS! So now I decide to skip it for a while.
I left my blog out in such a plain view for long. Okay, let's start writing something normal, something easy to read. My days are just as uneventful as they've always been.
I just found a lost puppy, who wandered around a busy street near my neighborhood. A chihuahua-like, but with long golden brown fur. He reminded me of a fire fox at first.
He looked frightened and miserable, and no one seemed to care, so mom and I decide to bring him home with us.
I remembered running around, trying to kidnap him, while a few passer-bys were looking like I was having fun chasing a dog, and I have to admit it was true!
Now, we have a new member in our house! I could imagine my best friend rolling her eyes when I talked about dogs by now. I used to tell her that if I have a new puppy, I'll name her "Bella" [according to my favorite book you-know-what]. But I hadn't thought about the possibility to have a male puppy. And now Bella turned out to be "Bokdong!".
I knew it's a weird name, but I was the one who caught him, so I claim the right to name Bokdong anyhow. *Wink*
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  1. ha ha, look at you running after a puppy! hey, tell you what, there a dog wandering around the street in front of my house too. It always lays near the gate of my house. So cute, actually. But, my family don't really want to have a pet since we don't have enough time to take care of it. I'd feel more miserable if I left it at home alone.

    Anyway, i haven't written anything on my blog too. Just getting too slugguard! You're just like my motivation, you know. Now you've already done something to your blog, maybe I should get started to my own.


  2. Ur motivation? Oh, I had no idea about that, but thank a lot. I think u already have ur own self-motivation, that's why u don't give up on ur blog. See?

    Well, some time we couldn't do what we want to do, and don't feel bad about it, u've done nothing wrong to the lost dog. It's just that I have more chance to adopt a pet than u do, that's all!


  3. Hahaha I guess I could see how's Meta would roll her eyes too. lolz But Bokdong? Weird!

  4. Thank u Elise, I hope u like reading it as much I like reading urs too.

    Panharath, I'm an animals lover, so hehehe, so that mean u roll ur eyes too?

  5. Bokdong? Strange name. I wish i could have a dog. Yet i have never come across any lost dog on the street.

  6. Well, as I said polin. I have more chance to adopt a dog. It's strange, though, but we get use to call him dong dong by now. hehehe

    Thank u for dropping by!


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