Nothing, but School Again.

You're going to complain about school — A little.
School is good. School has library, school is not being at home taking nap or reading Garfield comic books [that's what you have done lately.] Not anymore.
You HATE taking nap! [No, offend nappers!] But you really don't want to spend extra hours of sleep.
Note to yourself: Do not eat jellysnacks, cookies or potato chips while reading books!
Eat snack before or after you finish. So that you won't drop off your book when you run out of snack. Well, sounds like a good logic. Whatever.
There is a SECRET I need to confide in here. Shh...I DON'T LIKE my school! And I always avoid mentioning her name, personally. And on top of that, I practically hide her away. My school is like a beautiful woman who KNOWS that she is beautiful. Duh!
Don't ask! It would come naturally if you were me. The college that I'm in is just another world that full of idiots, idiots who are SOOO smart! They look like they were going to race should-to-should on the education field all the time. Look, I'm tired for them.
I'm busy trying to act like an octopus! Presentations, book reading, assignments pop-quizzes are being plotted to murder me. No need to speak about keeping up with those lectures.
Okay, I'm not complaining verbally, so it meant I can handle that! Save it for my classmates, some of them were already up to the teachers' throats, trying to reduce the tasks. Ha!...they always do a good job on being GROUCHY! Not bad for me either, I always do a good job on being LAZY!
Nothing, but School Again. Nothing, but School Again. Reviewed by Sovathary Bon on Wednesday, September 16, 2009 Rating: 5


  1. hahaah...I was surprise to see that u post sth quite similar to wat I've just post...well...I like to read urs.

  2. :-D that picture is funny. hehehe, it surprised me somehow that you don't like your school. but shhh.... it's a secret!

    *murmuring* no wonder, you didn't tell me what your university name.

  3. Svieta, we're all the same then, nobody is perfect, so maybe we could make some little fuss about our state of mind.

    Kelly: Hehehe, now you know! I'm sorry for not letting you know about my school name, but I always have my reason. U're nice to remember this! *Hug*

  4. So what if I eat before during and after reading?

    Well, I hate taking nap, cuz when I nap, it takes me at least 2hours. :P

    People who is great and not a pompous ass one will get me all toe to top, but those idiots who are great but arrogant, they are just a pieces of shit to me. Sorry to use rude words. Hmmm I met those kind of ppl. And I don't really understand why they have to be on top of the world.

  5. Bill Gate said, "Be nice to nerds," bcoz changes are we'll end up working for one.

    Well, We don't need to understand everybody, do we? I just ters pnek pek with those ppl who act like they always want to be the top, just so they could make me look up, while in reality, everyone can be the top, only in some different degree.


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