How Do You Read My Mind?

Recently, my best friend and I were talking about another Twilight related saga, New Moon. I was really curious to know what Bella would turn out to be when she becomes one of the Cullens.

[Kelly, I beg you, since you have already gone three books before me, please, don't tell me anything about it. Really, I would plug my ears and run away if you do.]

According to the Twilight book, which I quoted here, Edward said, "Carlisle has a theory; he believes that we all bring something of our strongest traits with us into the next life [vampire life]. Where they are intensified… like our minds and senses."

Edward was very sensitive to the thought of those around him. Therefore, after he became a vampire, he could read mind. And another vampire Alice, she had some precognition from her former human life, and her talent was the most impressive one, cos' she could see the future. And Jasper was charismatic, this trait enables him to influence people or calm down an angry crowd.

Those characters are just like in comic books. But they're more realistic and very useful for us to know. Thank to Stephanie Meyer, she is such a genius writer to me.

However, not only vampires could have such amazing qualities. In fact, human beings also process those qualities. Like the mind reading, it is the most promising talent to master in real life, because some people, if not all, could develop a better sense of sensitivity. And foreseeing the future is also common in human history. Some adults like my mom for example, has a tendency to have Déjà Vu sense.

Déjà Vu is just French, in English it means "already seen".

Scientists explained about Déjà Vu that, our brains are so powerful that they could store plenty of informations into long-term memory and bury them deep into million of hideous cells. And later on, we tend to actually see something before it occurs, that's because of our own cognition and our old data suddenly unite with our logical thinking, or similar experiences, and when they work together in such a flash, it could make us predict what is going to happen, and it really does happen. Amazing, right?

To make it clear, just imagine plainly, how it works when you come home late, and you already know what your mom is going to say to you, then you are like, "Ha! I knew that!"… Okay, just kidding!

And another thing which is quite dramatic than the above, I don't know how to read mind, of course.

But sometime, not always, just sometime, it is possible for me to eventually hear voice coming from another person's mind.
Usually, it happens to those who are younger than me or less sense of self-awareness. Well, some people are easy to read than others.

Now my best friend might understand why I'm fond of science and philosophy. Only those who care are those who know…so liking people, wanting to understand mind and feeling, anything that related to human beings, leave it to me! I'm more of a philosophy-type [or so I like to think] :)=

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  1. dont worry, i wont and can't tell you anything because.. well... i dont know anything! haha! i'm prbly the only person whos not into twilight! =S

  2. U're not the only one who's not into Twilight! I was one too. But now hehehe, I think I'm hooked! Well, u did tell me something about not knowing anything, didn't u?

  3. WHAHAHA... oh, Nathary! I cracked up so bad! hehehe okay, I promise I won't give in anything about the books. But, you have to go through another one series before you reach the part you're wondering. Hurry up! I'm begging you, too! then, we will have so much more to talk about. :-P

    PS: You know, it sounds great that one can read mind or foreseen the future, but I pity them sometimes. It's complicated when you hear many voices echo in your head at the same time. It's almost annoying. Plus, it's ok when you see the good future is coming. What if you see you wouldn't awake again in the morning? Lolz.... sorry. I'm just being ridiculous here.

    Anyway, I would like to have one too. hehe.

    - K

  4. That's what Edward Cullen said, Kelly!

    Luckily, I can't see the future and I don't hear many voices at the same time like Edward too. I just heard it occasionally. Maybe it's because I'm interested or maybe they think too loud in their own heads.

    Whatever, u promised okay! Don't tell a thing! Even a prompt to me...okay? Thank u, dear!

  5. this post so much. You know what? I was responsible to present abt Deja Vu last semester in my year 2. It was an amazing presentation ever. My teacher said she love the topic so much...hahaha.
    we work in a group of 3. And the 3 of us got the same family name. We love to present sth abt dream and stuff like that. More than that we got 19/20 for our presentation and that was the highest score among all the group. I was the one who design the slide and find the information. We share the part to present and my other 2 member are good in this stuff too. They present like an expert...I wish u were one of my audience at that time :)

  6. Wow, that sounds great! I'm surprised that u thought about presenting this topic, yes, I wish I could be one of ur audience too. Well done girl! Maybe if I have an opportunity like that, I might choose to present about Deja Vu too. I'm sure u're the best of the best, teehee*

  7. :D no dear I change my mind now. I wish u were one of my group member and we could present it all together in one How cool...we rock!! hahaha

  8. I hope I wouldn't reduce your grade if I join your team, dear! But thank you so much for inviting me, that's my honor! Heheheh

  9. you might not find anything you want to know in newmoon LOL , speed up your reading to the middle of the eclipse perhaps ?!?! haha .. that where the interesting part starte till the end of the series , breaking dawn.

    the whole series is utterly hilarious, the first romance novel that could take my breath away O_O

    if you head over heel with Edward, try reading the partial of midnight sun , Eward version of twilight.

    anyway , talking about being not into twilight. if you watch the movie before reading the book , then surely you would not find any interesting about the series at all aside from the characters. on the other side, if you read the book first, things would all be so different. :)
    books are always better than movies LOL.

  10. Thank you NoOne, for your interesting concern at my blog. I'm going to get Eclipse in no time for sure, and yes I watched movie before I read books, I think I was hooked with the movie before I read them, because the movie was also appealing that it made me want to read it again in books. But I only finished two series, I know I'm too slow bcos I have school, and also I'm planning to get them all in original copies, that way I could keep them in my bookshelf, but I have to wait until the bookstore deliver those books.

    Well, I guess the reason I love to read them is not only I head over heel with Edward character alone, in fact there are many like Alice and Jasper. Esp Bella! I love Bella version better anyway.

    PS: nice to hear from you

  11. thats sweet !!

    haha, i also watched the movie first , and got no any intention of getting to know more about the story as well. the reason i read that at first was bcoz that set of bookz is a gift. i got no more book to read then i start reading them, surprisingly it hooked me up HAHA. i spent lik 1 week perhaps ? reading those 4 bookz , it really sound crazy. luckily, i was on my termbreak that time.

    newmoon wil be in cinema next month i think , and i don think im going to watch that tho. , its gonna be a disappointment again i bet. i can watch first then read, it'd be fine. if finished reading then go for the movie , there wil be some plots obviously missing, and theres a thought " books always nicer".

  12. U're so lucky! U got books as a gift! I wish I could get such a wonderful gift too.

    I don't think it sounded crazy to me. It seemed that u're a bookaholic too! But 1 week for 4 books? It's rocket speed!I would spend two or three days for each books, though. Anyway, I love every minute I read, even I'm in the middle of my term study of course!

    Well, books always nicer, since they're originals, they remind me of Harry Potter series too. U have the same idea, but I already read New moon before the theater gets it! hehehe

  13. yes
    I agree
    sometimes I also can read what's on someone's mind
    especially my boyfriend's ....

  14. Well yeah, that's the closest mind that we can easily read! ^_^

  15. hehhee , because my friend knew that i love books :D.

    i think you read me LOL , i do being kind of a bookworm sometimes. please note, for sometimes only . LOL

    HP series is the first series that i finished LOL, and also HP was the first book that develop my reading interest. hehehe..


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